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DEGREE: Digital Media and Design, Minor in Japanese BIRTHDATE: August 25th   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: Dak Season of the Year: Fall High School Teacher: Mr. LaDeur  Food: Sushi  Color: All of'em  TV Show: Adventure time   Holiday: Halloween  Sweet or Salty: Sweet  Workout: Hot yoga    WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Making my family and friends proud  WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? Traveling! DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? Regrets are just lessons learned, so, no!  BIGGEST MOTIVATION? My family and my husband, Luc. They have always gone above and beyond to

DEGREE:  B.A. in Accounting & Masters of Professional Accounting BIRTHDATE: June 30th   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: Emmitt Smith  Season of the Year: Summer! High School Teacher: Ms. Bressert  Food: Pad Thai Color: Orange  Holiday: Christmas   Sweet or Salty: Salty  Workout: Strength Training  WHAT INSPIRES YOU? My mom is my biggest inspiration. She is the epitome of a superwoman and I aspire to be half the mom and businesswoman that she is. She motivates me to work hard, be confident, and to enjoy every step

DEGREE:  Master of Science in Visualization BIRTHDATE: September 16th   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: Jay Novacek and Emmitt Smith  Season of the Year: Fall! I love how cozy it is that time of year, the cool weather, and the way the trees change colors.  High School Teacher:  My Drill Team director, Mrs. Hazelwood. She was like my second mom in the US when we moved.  Food: Ukrainian Cuisine  Color: I love all shades of blue!  TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer  Holiday: Christmas  Sweet

BIRTHDATE: October 27th   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott Season of the Year: AUTUMN (football, pumpkin spice, great weather, start of the holiday season, my birthday and it’s my middle name – Autumn!) High School Teacher: Mrs. Irma Kennedy – my KCBY director for 3 years.  She taught me so much about TV and film and is one of the reasons I feel so comfortable in front of a camera. She is one of those teachers that

BIRTHDATE: September 11th   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: Micah Parsons   Season of the Year: Fall  High School Teacher: My math teacher, Mr. Skilton  Food: Sushi!!!  Color: Yellow   TV Show: Lost and Desperate Housewives  Holiday: Christmas   Sweet or Salty: Salty   Workout: Running and Barre!    WHAT INSPIRES YOU?  My friends and family inspire me to be the best person that I can be every day. Being around positive and loving people inspires me to share the same energy that they give me to everyone else around me.  WHAT IS ONE THING

DEGREE: Associate of Arts BIRTHDATE: November 23rd   FAVORITES:  Dallas Cowboys: Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons Season of the Year: Autumn High School Teacher: Coach Pyle Food: Hamburgers Color: Blue    TV Show: Blood and Water  Holiday: Christmas Sweet or Salty: SWEET!   Workout: HIIT WHAT INSPIRES YOU? People who go the extra mile to be successful in their careers, personal goals, etc.   WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? CANDY! DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? No regrets, we can only hope to learn from past decisions! BIGGEST

Degree: Business Administration Birthdate: January 17th   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: Larry Allen  Season of the Year: Fall  High School Teacher: Bryan Davis - My high school math teacher. He used to pick on me, so my golf team hid golf balls all throughout his classroom.    Food: Cheeseburgers (plain), just cheese, meat, and bun…yum!  Color: Lavender   TV Show: Any Comedy: Modern Family, Friends, How I Met Your Mother   Holiday: Christmas!   Sweet or Salty: Sweet   Workout: Pilates and HIIT training      WHAT INSPIRES YOU?  My Husband

DEGREE: Bachelor’s in Public Health/Minor in Business BIRTHDATE: May 8th   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: New to the roster this year and went to the same high school as me! Deuce Vaughn! Season of the Year: Fall!!! Love Thanksgiving and Halloween time High School Teacher: Stevie McCall, Royalty Drill Team Director Food: Sushi or pasta Color: Purple   TV Show: Gossip Girl  Holiday: Christmas  Sweet or Salty: Sweets all the way!  Workout: I love Pilates and resistance training.  WHAT INSPRIRES YOU? I am so lucky to

DEGREE: BS in Medical Studies BIRTHDATE: July 2nd   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys: Roger Staubach Season of the Year: Summer High School Teacher: My chemistry teacher, Ms. Koenig Food: Ice Cream Color: Pink   TV Show: Selling Sunset or Love Island UK  Holiday: Christmas  Sweet or Salty: Sweet  Workout: Strength Training  WHAT INSPRIRES YOU? I am inspired by the people who have come before me and paved the way to help me be a successful woman in all aspects of my life.   WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT?

DEGREE: Corporate Communication and Sales BIRTHDATE: August 31st   FAVORITES: Dallas Cowboys:  Former - Roger Staubach, Current - Micah Parsons & Trevon Diggs Season of the Year: Fall High School Teacher: Coach Damlow Food: Tacos & Sushi Color: Blue    TV Show: The Mandalorian!   Holiday: Christmas!!  Sweet or Salty: SWEET!  Workout: Strength training   WHAT INSPIRES YOU?  Perseverance. Watching others continue working towards their goals despite any difficulties they have experienced!   WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT?  My foam roller!  DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS?  I have no regrets! I