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2nd Season
Round Rock, Texas
Oklahoma City University
Dance Instructor

BIRTHDATE: March 2nd



Dallas Cowboys: Emmitt Smith and Michael Gallup

Season of the Year: Fall and Christmas Time!

High School Teacher: Ms. Goertz, My Drill Team Director

Food: Chicken Pad Thai and TX BBQ!

Color: Sunflower Yellow and Periwinkle

TV Show: Stranger Things and The Crown

Holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Sweet or Salty: SALTY

Workout: BMF Strengthening Classes


WHAT INSPIRES YOU? The joyful memories I create with my DCC sisters.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? I cannot live without a daily phone call to my mom. We call each other everyday to talk about our day or what’s going on in each other’s life at the moment!

DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? No ma’am! Everything happens for a reason!

BIGGEST MOTIVATION? My mom and her hard work and dedication to my brother and I!

DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS (IF SO LIST NAMES)? I have two beautiful boys! Bogey is a brindle bulldog/boxer mix and Murphy, who is a pug!

BEACH OR MOUNTAIN VACATION? Beach Please! I grew up going to my grandmother’s beach house on the west coast with my cousins!

DESCRIBE A PERFECT DAY IN YOUR LIFE: A perfect day to me is where I could be in New York City to watch the sunrise and travel to San Francisco to watch the sunset in one day! My two favorite cities in the U.S.

HOW DO OTHERS DESCRIBE YOU? Joyful, caring, and quirky

DO YOU HAVE ANY HIDDEN TALENTS? I’m a left handed writer!

DO YOU HAVE ANY SIBLINGS? I have one younger brother, Carson, who’s a firefighter.

NAME 5 GUESTS AT YOUR DINNER PARTY: Gene Kelly, Lady GaGa, my mom, Elton John, and Audrey Hepburn

WHAT IS THE THEME SONG OF YOUR LIFE? The theme song of my life is “Never gonna Give you Up” by Rick Astley.

WHAT IS YOUR DANCING BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE? I have been dancing since I was 6 years old and started competing when I was 12. I was on my high school’s drill team for 3 years and was a line officer for two years. I continued my dancing career at Oklahoma City University with the American Spirit Dance Company and the OCU Pep Dancers!

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO AUDITION FOR DCC? I’ve loved The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ever since I was a little girl, but when I attended “Meet the Team” in 2018, I realized my dream of becoming America’s Sweethearts and decided to try out the next year in 2019. I’ve worked hard for two years and kept my eyes on my dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.


IN 10 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL … I would love to be able to travel the world and experience different cultures, food, and more!