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Simi Valley, CA
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Dance Instructor

MAJOR: Beauty Marketing and Product Development

BIRTHDATE: November 24th



Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott

Season of the Year: Summer because I love going to the beach and the warm weather.
High School Teacher: Ms. Jen, who was my high school dance teacher.

Food: Sushi
Color: Pink

TV Show: The Bachelor & Bachelorette

Holiday: Christmas

Sweet or Salty: Salty

Workout: Cardio, strength training and of course dancing!


WHAT INSPIRES YOU?  Both of my parents inspire me every day. My dad is a great leader and provider for our family. He has always inspired me to work hard and to never give up on reaching my goals and dreams in life. My mom has the kindest heart. She has always inspired me to be considerate and compassionate to others, and taught me that kindness goes a long way.

 WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? One thing that I cannot live with out is my mom. She is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and she is the most selfless person that I have ever met. She is always there to guide and support me no matter what. I am so blessed to have her as my mom. I also have a pink blankie that I can’t sleep without!

 DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS?I do not have any regrets. I try to live each and every day to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I never want to look back and wonder “what if”.

 BIGGEST MOTIVATION? My biggest motivation in life is my dreams for the future. Remembering what I’m working towards is what keeps me focused on my future and my goals. It motivates me every day to work hard and to always be the best version of myself.

 DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS (IF SO LIST NAMES)? Yes, lots! Three dogs, named Rosco, Lulu and Tyson. A cat named Jazzy. And three bunnies, named Cookie, Peanut and Louie.

 BEACH OR MOUNTAIN VACATION? Beach for sure, I’m a Cali girl at heart!

 DESCRIBE A PERFECT DAY IN YOUR LIFE:  A perfect day in my life would start off with a coffee date with my sister and best friend. Then I would spend the day at the beach with my family, and end the night with a family dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant and a movie after.

 HOW DO OTHERS DESCRIBE YOU? Hard-working, Loyal, Compassionate, Funny, Positive, Determined and Happy

 DO YOU HAVE ANY HIDDEN TALENTS? My hidden talent is that I am very organized, and I’ve been told that I could be a professional organizer.


 NAME 5 GUESTS AT YOUR DINNER PARTY: Beyoncé, Brittany Spears, Theo James, Princess Diana & my Great Grandma Lulu

 WHAT IS THE THEME SONG OF YOUR LIFE?  “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper

 WHAT IS YOUR DANCING BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE? I started dancing at the age of 2 and competing at the age of 4. I competed my first dance solo at the age of 6. I trained in all styles of dance. I also was on my high school dance team and cheerleading squad. I competed at my dance studio up until I graduated high school at the age of 17. I taught dance and also choreographed this past year. I love being able to share my passion, training and love for dance with others.

 WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO AUDITION FOR DCC? I decided to audition for DCC because I wanted to continue dancing and DCC is the most iconic and well-known professional dance team. After my senior year in high school, the DCC recruiter reached out to me on my social media, and after talking to her, I was ready to make my dream of becoming a DCC a reality. I look up to all of the past and present DCCs and I am be honored to be a part of this team and call them my teammates. I love the thought of performing at AT&T Stadium for all of the Cowboys fans! It will definitely be a dream come true!!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT BEING A PART OF DCC? The thing that I like most about being a part of DCC are the bonds and relationships that are formed. All of the girls are so genuine, helpful and kind. They are all rooting for each other and truly want to see each other succeed. The special and unique sisterhood among the cheerleaders is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I feel extremely blessed to be dancing beside such amazing, strong, hard-working and unique women that I look up to so much!

 PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:  My proudest accomplishment so far is coming to Dallas by myself, and chasing my dream of becoming a DCC. Being 18 years old, I have learned that if I put my mind to something and work hard, I can achieve anything.

 IN 10 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL I will be a DCC Alumni. My sister and I will own a dance studio together, and I  will continue dance through teaching and sharing my passion with others. I will also be married and starting a family of my own. I can’t wait to be a mom and have kids. It’s something that I have always looked forward to accomplishing. And I  definitely see a family dog or two in my future.