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2nd Season
North Tustin, CA
University of Mississippi
Business Development Manager

DEGREE: Marketing with emphasis in Digital Marketing

BIRTHDATE: December 31st



Dallas Cowboys: Bob Lilly (Mr. Cowboy!) 

Season of the Year: Summer! I love to spend time outside in the sun!

High School Teacher: My favorite High School teacher was Ms. Abrams, my ceramics teacher!  

Food: Sushi and chocolate lava cakes!

Color: Peach 

TV Show: Game of Thrones 

Holiday: Christmas!  

Sweet or Salty: Sweet 

Workout: Pilates! 

WHAT INSPIRES YOU?  I would have to say my biggest inspiration is my Mama. She is the most selfless, loving, smart, and hardworking woman that I know. Julie devotes her life to giving back to the community, taking care of her family, and being an incredible friend to all. She is my ultimate role model. 

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT?  One thing I cannot live without is my family. They are there for me through thick and thin and I am always there for them. I am so lucky to have such an adventurous family, we have explored some pretty incredible parts of the world together. All my favorite memories are with my crazy family and there is never a dull moment. 

DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS?  I don’t have any regrets! I believe life is about lessons and without bumps in the road we would never learn!  

BIGGEST MOTIVATION?  My biggest motivation would have to be that I want to be the best at whatever I set my mind to doing. I am motivated by the idea of achieving excellence and I am willing to do what it takes to get me there. I like setting high goals for myself so that I always have something to work towards.   

DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS?  No, unfortunately my puppy ‚‘‘Jess“ passed a few years ago, she was a pit bull rescue and gave the best snuggles in the world! 


DESCRIBE A PERFECT DAY  IN YOUR LIFE:  My perfect day would include: Going for a walk on a beach, laying out under the sunshine, reading a good book, and eating some sushi. And doing it all with the people I love most.  

HOW DO OTHERS DESCRIBE YOU?  I think others describe me as loyal, caring, dedicated, kind-hearted, thoughtful, and compassionate. 

DO YOU HAVE ANY HIDDEN TALENTS?  I can do handstand walks! I also am very crafty/ artistic, I love to create art and projects.  


NAME 5 GUESTS AT YOUR DINNER PARTY:  My late grandpa Wally and grandma Sessa, John Mayer, Ronald Reagan, & Carrie Underwood. 

WHAT IS THE THEME SONG OF YOUR LIFE?  Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves 

WHAT IS YOUR DANCING BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE? I was a gymnast from the age of 2 years old to 13 years old. After a lot of hard work, I was able to compete nationally as a level 9. In high school I joined the dance team and discovered my love for performing. After high school I attended the University of Mississippi and danced as a Rebelette for all 4 years!  

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO AUDITION FOR DCC?  I decided to audition for DCC because DCC is the best of the best. I have been a fan of the team since I was little and I have always looked up to this classy and talented group of women. The Dallas Cowboys is not only an amazing team but they prioritize philanthropy and community, which is a value that I so admire. When I decided I wanted to continue in my passion of dance I knew DCC was where I wanted to be.  

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT BEING A PART OF DCC?  My favorite thing about being a DCC is the comradery with the women on this team. I feel lucky to have become best friends with these hardworking, supportive, and overall incredible ladies. I know these are forever friendships that I will treasure for a lifetime. 

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT:   Making this dream team! 

IN 10 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL I will be happy and healthy! Traveling the world and spending time with my family and friends.