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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Pennie Booker Marshall

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Pennie Booker Marshall

Pennie Marshall is the epitome of a DCC legend. She served 6 years on the team as a cheerleader, from 1994 – 1999, followed by another 7 years representing the Cowboys at appearances and shows as an All Star. She was a leader, a long-term member of Show Group, and went to the Probowl her 5th year in 1999. And her dancing didn’t stop on the sidelines… she went on as an All Star, dancing at events like the Six Flags closing ceremony for 2 years years. She truly did it all! Pennie was born in Plano, TX, and tried out for the DCC after her best friend encouraged her to tryout with her. Little did she know that come tryout day her friend would decide to chicken out, and here she would be walking into tryouts all by herself. She remembers having her dad drive her even though it was a short drive to the stadium, because her nerves were all that she could focus on at the time.

There were tons of girls trying out because the Cowboys were just coming off a Super Bowl streak. Much to no ones surprise, though, Pennie made the team with flying colors, and spent the next several years of her life rockin’ the 15 stars, and setting the standard high for all the girls to come. Just into Pennie’s second year as a DCC she packed her bag and headed off to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity- cheering at the SUPER BOWL. They went to Arizona that year, and got to cheer on the Cowboys to victory in the 1996 Super Bowl game against the Steelers. And from there Pennie’s journey as a DCC only kept getting better!

As a Show Group member she got to travel to multiple USO tours, and even had a speaking part on Saturday Night  Live! In the airplane on the way to the SNL set, Kelli and Judy held mini auditions for who would have a speaking part in the skit. Pennie was always a shyer person, but felt that once she put the uniform on she could put on this different persona- outgoing, bubbly, friendly. She decided to go for it, didn’t get chosen by Kelli or Judy, but ended up getting a line given to her from the SNL director; they thought her being tall made the skit that much funnier, so there she went making her debut in SNL’s Spartan cheer skit. That was one of the many moments where DCC brought Pennie out of her comfort zone, something she will forever be grateful for.

With the many incredible experiences and opportunities Pennie had, came LOTS OF LAUGHS. Although she and her teammates always represented the organization with high class, they made sure to have fun and laugh the whole way. They used to dance the fight song in the end zones after every win, and Pennie remembers having her group do Herky jumps at the last game- only to be confessed to Judy and Kelli years later down the road. As a cheerleader, Pennie’s favorite moment on game day was standing anxiously in the tunnel before heading out for Pregame… a moment special to all DCC, both past and present. Her favorite traditions still stand strong today – the pinky ring ceremony, the pregame prayer (although they screamed ‘rock n’ roll’ after theirs), Thanksgiving games, and the Christmas tree ornaments. And the most incredible thing I learned, Pennie was actually had a Barbie made of each girl in her group as a gift at one of the games…a precursor to the DCC Barbie. Pennie spent 13 AMAZING years with the Cowboys, and truly will go down in DCC history as one of the best!


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