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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Misty Duncan Day

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Misty Duncan Day

“America’s Sweethearts” has been used as a distinguishing title for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for decades, and after interviewing Misty Duncan Day it is clear that she is exactly this and perfectly exemplifies what it means to be a DCC. Her genuine heart and love for this organization is apparent in the way she talks about the sisterhood, her experiences as a DCC, and hearing her reminisce about some of the greatest years of her life. She continued to say that she is “so proud to be a part of the legacy and so thankful to have been influenced by such amazing women.” It is clear that the sisterhood aspect of DCC, which is so important to all of us, has always and will always remain a huge part of the organization.

Misty grew up in San Antonio and knew nothing but the love of dance and performing. She was dancing non-stop at her studio and made her elite dance team in high school. From here she continued on to A&M where she was on the Aggie Dance Team. After graduating she knew she wanted to audition to cheer on America’s Team. What is crazy is Misty didn’t make the team her first time around. She refused however to let it defeat her. She preserved and worked hard all year long and she made it into training camp her second time auditioning. She said she would never forget the first time she watched the vets perform as a group and thought to herself, “this is what it means to be on a professional team and this is where I want to be!” Well her hard work and persistence paid off!Her dream came true in 2003 when she received her uniform and 15 stars and now will forever be remembered as one of the greats in DCC history!

One of the things I loved the most is hearing about Misty’s love for her teammates. It truly exuded from every story she told me and she says that her DCC sisters remain her closest friends to this day. She said she has no doubt in her mind that she could call any one of them up, even if they haven’t talked in a while, and they would pick right up where they left off. Misty had quite a few teammates to love on, because she was on the team for five years! While on the team she was a member of Show Group, went on multiple USO tours, and was a leader her fifth year on the team. One of her favorite memories while being on the team was going on a Northern Europe USO tour. She said nothing was better than “being with best friends, doing what you love, traveling the world, and having the time of your life.” She loved being able to talk with all of the servicemen and dance for all their families that were stationed with them. She also said she loved the “Family and Friends” show they would perform in at the end of the year. She said it was so fun performing on stage with the entire team and celebrating a year of hard work, with all their loved ones cheering them on!

One thing that I was so excited to talk to Misty about was her Pro Bowl Experience. Misty was nominated by her team in 2008 to be the DCC Pro Bowl Representative and it was so inspiring hearing about her time there. I enjoyed hearing all about her Pro Bowl week and learning that it was just as magical as the experience I was lucky enough to have. She said it was such a surreal feeling being the representative for the DCC and being the only cheerleader in the signature cowboys uniform with hundreds of fans there to support the Dallas Cowboys! She said she’ll “never forget looking up at the last five seconds on the game-day clock in Hawaii and knowing it was her last game in uniform.” Thankfully Misty was asked to be an All-Star and remained with the organization for another five years. She said that her time as an All-Star was actually a thrilling one and very busy because she was able to be there for the opening of AT&T stadium and do numerous appearances with the other 8 girls who were All-Stars with her. After being an All-Star Misty got married to the love of her life and now is a rockstar of a boy mom with three little boys at home. She is the founder of Duncan Day Events & Design and uses all of her creativity and ingenuity to plan weddings, parties, birthday celebrations, and even does Interior Styling! You name it she does it! Her wedding was even featured in multiple magazines, because let’s face it, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! She is so unbelievably talented in her craft and is thriving as a mom and boss woman!

I was so giddy when I got asked to interview Misty because, to me, she is a DCC icon and someone who many of us even knew about before auditioning for DCC. I loved hearing how our experiences, though a decade apart, were still so similar and special! From hearing about Misty’s first game-day when she was waiting inside the helmet about to takeoff for Pregame, or hearing about her representing with absolute grace at Pro Bowl, I am so thankful I was able to talk to a woman who meant and still means so much to this organization. She is an inspiration to so many and I am so grateful I was able to hear all about her experiences as a DCC and that she will forever be remembered as one of the sweetest America’s Sweethearts.


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