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DCC Audition Prep Season

DCC Audition Prep Season

Each year as football season winds down, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders look forward to the Prep Classes and Prep Intensive to train, motivate and inspire many DCC hopefuls from across the world. Back in the day, the DCC had a Dance Academy at the Valley Ranch studio. All genres of classes were held – ballet, tap, jazz & lyrical – for kids of all ages, complete with recitals at the end of every year. The Dance Academy also offered adult classes where both current and hopefuls trained. These classes were the precursors to the Prep Classes we know today. When the Dance Academy was closed, the studio remained as the training facility and offices for DCC.

1989 brought new ownership for DCFC, which meant change, growth and popularity for America’s Team and America’s Sweethearts. Through great draft picks, trades, and an upward climb to winning seasons, the prestige and popularity of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders grew. Early in her career, Kelli McGonagill Finglass’s keen eye for marketing and business savvy was on full display. She looked back to the Academy and realized there was an untapped area for young women to train to become a DCC. Kelli turned to Head Choreographer Judy Trammell, and in the spring of 1993, DCC Prep Class was born. Every Friday night, two sessions were held from 7-8:30pm and 8:30-10pm. Judy and the Group Leaders came up with the content and taught the classes each week. The classes were often sold out because it was one of the only places in Dallas for adults to take a dance class.

Over the years the classes have morphed with the times, especially during 2020! March 13, 2020, was the last in-person class for that prep season. What was thought would be a two-week rest, turned into much longer. The DCC staff tapped into a new concept of online classes. With each teacher set up in their own space, guided by Dallas Cowboys IT department, the prep classes continued with an added element of having Kelli and Judy join at the end for Q & A. There were often over 250 people in each session from across the planet! Covid also brought about changes in our audition process, but that’s another story for another day.

When the new year rolled around, Prep Intensive was born, both out of necessity and creativity. Fortunately, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have world class facilities that afforded an opportunity to host two separate intensives where dancers could be spaced 6 feet part on the field. The intensives were one day each, jam packed with choreography and information to get people ready for auditions in 2021.

Fast forward through 2022 and 2023 to 2024. DCC Prep Classes are back on the schedule in the DCC Studio at The Star, along with the 2-day DCC Prep Intensive each season. Utilizing our talented DCC Alumni each week, they teach and share their experiences and knowledge. DCC Prep continues to evolve and grow as dancers flood into the studio to absorb all they can as they prepare to audition. DCC Prep Intensive has grown tremendously, as well, and has proven to be an excellent resource for those who are too far away to take the weekly Prep Classes. DCCPI is also a true labor of love from all of those involved in its success. With each prep class and intensive, the goal of the DCC Staff is to cultivate an environment of performance, power, passion, and projection… often imitated, never equaled!


As DCC Prep season closed last week, we are looking forward to seeing all the faces in the DCC Audition process. Applications for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are being accepted May 1 -12, 2024. If you or anyone you know is interested in auditioning for DCC, click here for more information!

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