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America’s Sweethearts – A New Point of View

America’s Sweethearts – A New Point of View

There’s a new show in town, and it’s not like anything you’ve seen before. Over the 60 + years of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, many TV segments, specials, made for TV movies and series have been produced showing the public a little peek inside the world of DCC. For sixteen seasons, tv screens were graced with ‘DCC: Making the Team on CMT’. This series gave viewers an opportunity to see the process of trying out for the team from start to finish. Due to keen marketing and exposure, DCC Auditions had become a seasonal event for fans around the world. The dreams, nerves, talent and hurdles jumped by young women from all walks of life, were on full display for the world to embrace. Even in a global pandemic, fans were able to see how the audition process and gameday changed, as evident by an online audition and socially distanced team. When the show ended in 2021 after season 16, there was a moment of relief and disorientation. We were so used to having cameras with us, it seemed a bit unfamiliar. A full year without a crew following the team gave way to a different perspective of being on the team. In the fall of 2022, several production companies were vying for the opportunity to create their spin on our alluring world. One thing was for sure, this next chapter would be like chalk and cheese; not even remotely close to what we were all used to watching.


With a lull in programming, friends, family and fans have been marooned on the island of “Late Lamented Show” and being compelled to scour social media. Many feel as if they do not know the Rookie classes of 2022 and 2023, from the loss of the show. Enter Greg Whitely and One Potato Productions. Emmy Award winning creator, director and producer has a unique way of storytelling. Greg’s ability to have the audience laughing, crying, and jumping from their seat within two or three scenes of any show is remarkable. His uncomplicated way of communicating, empowers the individual to be uninhibited; and with his masterful weaving, his storytelling is displayed in a gripping, raw and heartfelt perspective. Nothing is scripted, nothing is planned. Just a conversation with the lens. So far, ‘America’s Sweethearts’ has been met with positive reviews; number one in America, Canada and Australia. Not everything new will please all, however, the DCC being on tv again has generated a new excitement for old and new fans.


At first glance, the new format of the show is most prevalent. It is not the “reality” we’ve been used to seeing, it is real, it is raw. The girls own stories, hearts on their sleeves. Some questions are prompted from the commentary given, nevertheless, the interviewees are opening a gateway to their own personal experiences with the organization. Along with the candid conversations, there are other segments that showcase the many other facets of the team. Starting with DCC Banquet to Alumni Clap-In for Training Camp, rehearsals at the studio, Ford Center and AT&T Stadium, locker room banter, bus rides, and game days. And so much more left on the cutting room floor. One can only hope for a second season to dive into our world a little more.


On the flip side, DCC Alumni have embraced the show, reposting their photos, memories and anecdotes from their time on the squad. Quotes from former DCC’s include – “happy tears and belly laughs” – Jenna Jackson Shuffield, 2012 -2018, “a real look at the highs and lows of being a DCC” – Sarah Gourley Idziak, 2005-2010, “raw and authentic” – Dara McFarlane Sayrie, 2007 -2009, and probably the best one “that dang show made me miss my DCC” – Carey DePasquale Pound, 2009-2011. Clearly, the new docu-series has brought about an overwhelming amount of emotion, pride and reverence among the sisterhood – The Spirit of DCC.


America’s Sweethearts – Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is now playing on Netflix.

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