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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Christina Parker Rosen

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Christina Parker Rosen

Christina Parker Rosen was a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from2004-2008 and cheered at the iconic Texas stadium in its last few running years. She said that her favorite part about being a member of the team would have to be game day, USO travel, photo shoots but most importantly the life-long friendships she was able to make during her time as a DCC. I asked Christina what the hardest part about making the team for her was and her answer was simple “Here’s where I can honestly say …none of it. I had NO clue what I was getting into. My mom is a studio owner. She received a little postcard in the mail one day and handed it to me and said, ‘you should try this. I knew no one, had no connections, I didn’t even know what a kick line was! I had danced in a studio my whole life, but I was a cheerleader in high school. I had been to camp DCC as a kid, but the idea of ever becoming one myself never entered my mind”.

It was so awesome to hear that Christina had a similar background as I did. It makes the connection and sisterhood that much deeper and makes you realize that sometimes you don’t even know your own dreams until they come true. Christina said the hardest part about maintaining her spot on the team was her dancing, I wasn’t the best dancer (ask Judy!) I was always afraid I’d eventually be out-danced.” I think that is one of the most special parts of this team (I know that may sound odd but hear me out.) Each girl that has ever been a DCC has brought something different to the team. Whether it bedance ability, charisma, eloquence, work ethic or just about a million other incredible qualities I have seen in teammates and alumni in my years here in Dallas. Also, if I’m being honest, I have seen videos of Christina dancing and she was great.

When asked if there were any experiences she had when she was a cheerleader that she wished current cheerleaders had, she said, “I truly wish Show Group was still able to experience USO tours like ours (full performances for the troops on military bases around the world). I also wish you all had a chance to be in Texas Stadium, and the locker room there. I wish y’all could experience Jay’s workouts before practice and then having to blow dry your sweaty hair and cake on more make-up in order to be “camera ready” right after.” I do wish that I could have stepped foot in Texas stadium before it was imploded in 2010 and what I would give to join our troops overseas to thank them for all they do.

I wanted to know if Christina thought about the  opportunities that current Cheerleaders have that she might like to experience, and she said that training in our state-of-the-art facilities and some of the more recent performances. Christina wore the same uniform as current cheerleaders do and when asked if she would have liked to wear any of the other iconic versions of the uniform she said “I loved our version…I’m not sure I could have survived go-go boots and giant poms” I could completely agree with that! Christina says if she could go back and do anything different with her time on the team she said “I would have cheered one more year, and I would have journaled on all of the USO tours. Luckily, I traveled with a video camera (yes, video camera), so I captured some pretty great memories on tape.”

Christina’s biggest takeaway from being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for 4 seasons she said “DCC has taught me so much about life, on and off the field. I found ‘my people’ through DCC and they are still my greatest friends to this day. It was truly ‘THE’ opportunity of a lifetime.” Now a part of esteemed alumni Christina is 1 of 716 women to have worn the uniform. The thing that makes her so proud to be a member of the alumni organization is that she is part of such an amazing group of women. Now that Christina has hung up her boots and poms she continues to do incredible things. She is a mom to her two adorable kids (the accomplishment she is most proud of besides being a DCC), she is a studio director and choreographer and is former director of the Texas Tornado Sirens Dancers. Christina, thank you for being a trailblazer for the cheerleaders to follow you. You helped pave the way for cheerleaders now and in the future.

Lots of love, thanks and cheers,


DCC Maddie

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