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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sandi BoruK Phillips

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sandi BoruK Phillips

Sandi Phillips was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader on the millennium squad from 2000-2002. She was encouraged by her grandmother to audition and decided to go for it at the young age of 18 years old. She was still in high school when she auditioned and remembers leaving directly from school to get to practice early so that she would be prepared for rehearsal. Sandi told me that she will never forget the feeling of stepping on the field for the first time at a game. One of her highlights from her rookie season was going to the Tokyo Bowl. They traveled on a double decker plane with the Cowboys organization.  Sandi said that her veteran year was her favorite. She was very excited when she made show group and loved getting to travel overseas to perform for our troops. Another highlight of her veteran year was going to Cozumel for the calendar shoot. She even got to drive the 50-foot yacht that they shot on! She told me that she was very honored whenever she was chosen to be the cover of the calendar that year.

I asked Sandi what a few of her “DCC favorites” were. For tradition, she said saying The Lord’s Prayer and locking pinkies before every performance was a bonding moment for the team and gave them the opportunity to be still and observe all that was before them. This is also one of my favorite traditions! Sandi’s favorite routine was “Elbow L and Sexy Hips” which I loved hearing because it is something that we still do 20 years later. Her favorite appearance memory was when she got to visit George Bush’s hanger. They were there to greet him as he exited the plane and welcome him home. Lastly, I asked her what her overall favorite experience was. She replied, “I have so many!” but ultimately went with Cowboys game days. She said, “performing on the field at the games was like nothing else. The pride that you take in wearing the uniform amongst your sisters is pure joy!!! It is a rush of adrenaline that lasts for hours. Being in the locker room with your best friends and having a common goal of performing for our fans; those were the best days!”. Sandi spoke very highly of her time as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and shared a lot of special memories.

Sandi is now married and has three children. She loves being a mom! She recently opened a dance studio, Sandi’s School of Dance, and is absolutely loving it. I really enjoyed getting to interview Sandi! We both got a kick out of showing up to our video call and wearing matching pink shirts – unplanned. We clicked instantly! It was very interesting to hear the similarities from 20 years ago, but also to tell her how things have evolved. It is very special to have this bond that links you, no matter when you cheered.

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