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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kelley Blount Dixon

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kelley Blount Dixon

I had the honor of interviewing DCC Alumni Kelley Dixon who cheered for two seasons (92-94) and participated in two Super Bowls! (27 & 28) We had so much fun exchanging stories of our time as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and I enjoyed listening to her experiences.  Kelley grew up in the DFW area and took dance at Texie Waterman’s studio. We found out that we were both officers on our High School dance teams and that she also went to the University of North Texas, like I did, where she was in a sorority and on the dance team! Her brother played college football at A&M and her family would joke that football got them to two Cotton Bowls, but dance took them to two Super Bowls.  It was so much fun hearing about her incredible Super Bowl experiences and how they were moments that she would never forget.  She used the word “insanity” to describe just how electric it was and told me a story about how the entire crowd gave them a standing ovation when the DCC entered the field during the theme song from the show ‘Dallas.’  Michael Jackson was the halftime performer and Garth Brooks sang the National anthem in 1993, which took place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

When it comes to game days in general, she told me about how hot it would be during pre-season at Texas Stadium and how everyone would be drenched in sweat.  (We laughed because I told her I sweat just as bad now even with the roof at AT&T Stadium).  Then once it got colder, she remembers the Thanksgiving game being so cold and sleeting which caused it to be extremely slippery out on the field. This led into a conversation about practice and how they would lay out tarps if it was raining in order to rehearse. We joked and compared practice stories and it was so fun to see how many things have changed and stayed the same since she cheered.  Kelley told me about how big their poms were compared to now and how they used to give them “haircuts” because they would get so long.  She called the big, Texas hair “Helmet hair” and talked about the red lipstick they used to wear! We talked about how I live with a few of my teammates and she told me about how she is still extremely close with one of her rookie sisters that she called “Jo Mama.” It proves what Kelli Finglass says each year at auditions is true…you’ll be sitting next to women who will be your lifelong friends (and even bridesmaids)! I had an absolute blast getting to know her and hearing her stories about her time as a DCC! Being able to share our experiences and create these connections reflects how special this sisterhood and organization is to all!

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