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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kim Wiman Wilkerson

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kim Wiman Wilkerson

In 1985 Kim Wiman walked into her orthodontist’s office expecting a routine check-up. What she came out with was a new dream. During her appointment, Kim overheard the radio advertising the upcoming Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders auditions. Her ears perked up when the ad told DCC hopefuls they could bring any talent to the audition. Kim was a singer with a natural aptitude for performing. At the time she worked as an entertainer in Six Flags. After hearing the radio ad about DCC auditions, Kim decided to go for it. She recalled thinking, “It could be fun!” Aware of her limited dance experience, Kim showed up to auditions with a plan. She strategically wore an audition outfit that would make the judges envision her as a cheerleader. She put together white dance shorts, a blue top, and white vest to mimic the iconic DCC uniform. Two singers auditioned in 1985, but ultimately it was Kim who earned an authentic DCC uniform.

Kim admitted that becoming a DCC was the hardest thing she had ever done. She was not a trained dancer, which meant she had to work tirelessly to keep up with the team. Kim admired teammate Mary Reynolds, because Mary would always help her learn and perfect all their routines. Kim attributes her resilience, work ethic, and perseverance to the culture DCC that ingrains in their dancers. “DCC shaped me into who I am today. It taught me to always push through,” Kim recalls. Her most memorable performance was her first game day on the field. Suzanne Mitchell, director of DCC at the time, pulled Kim from the first game of the season. Suzanne called Kim into her office, sat her down, and told Kim how she thought this all came very easy for her. Suzanne continued to tell Kim how she wanted to push her to be better. In hindsight, Kim looked back at this moment and chuckled to herself. She now understands this was a test, and one that she passed. Kim, determined to prove herself, responded back by saying, “Well I disagree, and I will work harder than ever before to earn my spot on the field. You will have to fire me before I quit.” Suzanne looked back at Kim with a small smirk as she said, “That is what I wanted to hear.” The next game Kim was out on the field, soaking in the electric energy of Texas Stadium. She remembered her teammates cheering her on, fueling her explosive energy, and performing large for all to see.

Kim’s favorite dances during her career as a DCC were to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and the 80’s country hit “God Bless the USA”. Her favorite DCC tradition was the team prayer circle performed before each game. This circle would bond all the cheerleaders together for one final moment before heading out onto the field. Kim, an only child, reflects on moments like these and recognizes the bond of sisterhood within that circle. Kim is incredibly grateful for Brooke Wicker and her constant efforts to maintain this sisterhood among the alumnae organization.

Kim’s biggest piece of advice is, “Do not quit! When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You are apart of a team, something much larger than just you. Do not give up on them or yourself. Rise above the challenges. Everyone on this team has a part to play-do your part to the best of your ability”.  At the end of her rookie season Kim was offered a singing job in Nashville. This move meant Kim would be unable to attend the end of the year banquet. She was anxious about how Suzanne would react to the news. Kim was shocked when Suzanne responded with how proud she was of her. Suzanne gave Kim her phone number and told her to call if she ever needed anything. Kim, filled with gratitude, got up to leave when Suzanne told her she needed one more thing: the Nashville address where she could send Kim’s DCC pinky ring. Kim looks back on her DCC experience with a full and happy heart. It may have been tough, but it sure was fun!

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24 Aug 2019: The Cheerleaders performing as The Dallas Cowboys beat The Houston Texans 34-0 in the 3rd preseason game.


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