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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Jackie Bob Pearson

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Jackie Bob Pearson

There is a very short list of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader alumni who fans and teammates alike, know on a first name basis, and I am willing to bet all would agree that Jackie Bob may be at the top of that list. Known for making every single person in a room feel like the only person in the room, Jackie has this innate ability to make everyone around her want to be better, on and off the field. While her professional cheerleading journey did not start in Dallas, – she previously graced the sidelines of Levi Stadium as a 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleader, — Jackie seamlessly made the transition to cheering on America’s team and quickly became a fan favorite. Always known for power and performance on the field, I personally remember watching her journey to become a DCC on CMT, and secretly wondering how she did it all, off the field. As someone who truly looks up to women who defy stereotypes, Jackie set the standard for myself as well as all those who followed in her footsteps, with balancing a full-time career and the demanding schedule of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. It is no secret that making this team and joining this organization is no small feat, but Jackie not only survived the grueling audition process, but thrived during her tenure on the team. Group Leader, Show Group, and Pro Bowl are just a few of the amazing titles that we use to define Jackie, but my personal favorite is role model. To see someone who looked like me, and demonstrate day in and day out that you don’t have to choose between being a DCC or having a career, was more impactful than any self-doubt that creeped into my mind during my own audition journey.

After retirement from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Jackie has not slowed down and her impact has grown from 2 NFL team to all 32. Working as a Producer for the entertainment company, e2k, Jackie has helped produce some of the country’s most popular events from the NFL Draft to the NFL Pro Bowl. If that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she is also the owner of the Solar Brand Cheer apparel company, manages a real estate and investing business, works as a marketing manager within the financial industry and stays close to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders by co-directing the Jr. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It’s no secret that these responsibilities could be daunting for even the most organized, but much like when she graced the sidelines, Jackie doesn’t break a sweat. However, no matter how busy she gets, there is always enough time in the day to love on her beautiful daughter Maxey and dote on her husband Anthony, who both always radiate so much joy to everyone they meet.

Jackie may not be on the sidelines anymore, but the legacy, standards, and maturity that she brought to the organization, all continue to cascade down through each new rookie class.

DCC Briana

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