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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kim Bateman Bue

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kim Bateman Bue

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Bateman Bue, a Texas native who spent 3 incredible years as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. She bravely auditioned for the team as a senior in high school with no dance background or training. However, Kim was confident in her ability to perform, work hard, and be trained in the DCC style. Her confidence granted her a spot on the team after competing against 3000 hopeful applicants! 

Kim spoke about some of her fondest and funniest memories as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Her favorite memory was coming out of the tunnel on game day with “often imitated, never equaled, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” blasting in the background. She said it still gives her chills thinking about how she felt the first time she took the field. Her first game, Kim was placed as an alternate. One of her rookie sisters got injured and was not able to dance and so she was thrown in the game last minute. Kim had spent countless hours practicing on her own so when the time came to take the field she knew she’d be ready. After the first game, Kim was never an alternate again!  

Kim looks back at her time on DCC with a grateful heart and much appreciation. Her advice to me was to “soak up every moment and enjoy it even when you’re tired and stressed out. All of the sacrifice is worth it to be a part of such a wonderful organization”. Kim currently lives in San Diego with her husband and continues to stay involved with the DCC Alumni Association. I loved getting to interview Kim and hear about all of her wonderful experiences and stories that have made a lasting impact in her life. We bonded over the great friendships made, continued traditions, and the immense amount of love we have for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders organization! 

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