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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Fredelyn Cavender Christian

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Fredelyn Cavender Christian

Long-time educator and school administrator Fredelyn Christian was also a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader during the 1979-1980 season. A local of Brownwood, Texas, Fredelyn moved to the “big city” of Denton, to attend the University of North Texas.

While there, she befriended another DCC who encouraged her to go for it and try out for the team. After an intense (and shortened) 4 weeks of training camp, Fredelyn made the squad, along with one of her college sorority sisters under the direction of the legendary Suzanne Mitchell and Choreographer Texie Waterman. She also auditioned for show group, where she showcased her singing talent! During her one and only season, she was invited to be the first group of cheerleaders to attend the USO tour. Spending two weeks in Korea over Christmas, she and her DCC sisters were truly guinea pigs, learning the ropes of the USO as a team.

Her most vivid memory of being a DCC was the feeling of being inside the tunnel at Texas Stadium feeling the energy coming from the dedicated Cowboys fans. Little did she know that she would cheer during legend Roger Staubach’s final season.

When asked if she could share a little wisdom from her own experiences, she said, “Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Remember your strengths and don’t try to pull off the strengths of others, because they are not who you are.” Today Fredelyn stays active with the DCC alumni m organization and still dances every week. Forty one years may have gone by but she will never forget the honor and privilege of being a DCC.

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