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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Vandy Jordan Haby

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Vandy Jordan Haby

Vandy Haby cheered for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from 2002-2004 with Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell as her Director and Choreographer. She was also a member of the very first Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader All-Stars team from 2004-2005.

She started her professional dance journey on the Texas Tech Pom Squad. When she went to her first tryout, she went in not knowing what to expect.  She walked in and said everyone was very competitive and there were 500+ people there! Instead of feeling intimidated, she focused on herself and dancing her best and made the team!

Vandy watches “Making the Team”, and notices how things have evolved with training camp since she was a part of DCC.  She likes that the show is authentic and shows how hard the girls work to become a DCC.

When she made the team, the games were played at Texas Stadium which has a capacity of 65,000 and she is impressed that the girls are now dancing for 100,000 and is also happy that the girls now have a bigger locker room and are getting more recognition for their hard work. Even though it was different when she was a DCC, she said it was all part of her life experience and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

I asked Vandy what impacted her the most when she was a DCC and she said the USO Tours. She was fortunate enough to attend USO Tours over the 4th of July and Christmas. It had a positive impact on her to be able to honor those who fight for our freedom on two very important days of the year.  She said it was the most meaningful thing she has done and will remember that for the rest of her life. She also said that the friendships she made with other DCC’s last forever. For example, she lived with Cortney Leon when she cheered and still talks to her often.  She was also second group leader to Courtney Sparks and now Courtney works with her at Vandy’s dance studio!

I asked Vandy for any advice she would give me or someone wanting to tryout and she responded by saying to trust that your opportunity is coming. Being a DCC prepares you for many of life’s situations.  Vandy states, “Just get out of your head, know you have done your best and remember for every disappointment there are ten opportunities.”  “Becoming a DCC is not easy.”  “Just know that Kelli and Judy have tough decisions to make to keep up the level of excellence and that no matter what, you have learned something about yourself.”  The last piece of advice she gave to me was that “no matter if you made the team, training camp or just auditioned, you can pretty much be whatever you want to be because you know how to take criticism, overcome obstacles and realize how resilient you really are. Be proud of yourself.”


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