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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sara Fulghum

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sara Fulghum

Not long into my rookie season, I found out that there was a former DCC from MY hometown, Shreveport/Bossier, Louisiana! I couldn’t believe it and figured she must have moved there after I left for college. After chatting with my DCC (and hometown sister), I learned that Sara Fulghum was born and raised in Bossier City, Louisiana. Being from Shreveport, which is literally over the bridge from Bossier, I instantly felt connected to her!
Sara spent her whole life dancing. In fact, she was very close to the owner of Vicki’s School of Dance—a very well-known studio in the city. This studio has been around for 50 years now, and Sara has been a part of it since she was a baby. Sara, like her mom, Vicki, is very passionate about dance. Sara’s mom was only 15 years old when she opened Vicki’s School of Dance, so it was no surprise to learn that Sara began assisting classes at the age of 12. Upon completion of high school, Sara graduated from Vicki’s and was on to her next adventure. She knew she just “wasn’t done dancing.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

In 1997, with a fire and incredible drive, Sara began to research audition criteria for the most esteemed collegiate dance team in the state—The Golden Girls at Louisiana State University. Despite having never been to one college football game and not knowing anything about the team’s style, Sara made up her mind that she was going to be a Golden Girl. And she was. She spent one season making great memories and even better friends. After one year, Sara began to get homesick, so she went back home to her family. While home, she found her way to her new, ultimate dream. Sara had no idea that her attendance at a Mudbugs hockey game would change her life forever. The same Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders that she watched perform would turn into her lifelong sisters. Immediately after watching each performance, Sara knew she would try out to be a DCC. She said “I am going to do that.” To this day, Sara hopes to instill this same special trait in her students. Not an attitude of “I hope I make it” rather “I am, I will.”
Sara accomplished many things in her career as a DCC (1999—2001). She was on Show Group as a Rookie and a Veteran. She went on many USO tours, performed in countless shows, and met some amazing people. But Sara says that DCC was so much more than those things for her. As she reminisced on the years she spent on the team, Sara says that her closest, dearest friends are from DCC. They’ve become her family and she will drop anything to be there for them– it’s a “sisterhood,” she says. Sara’s Group Leaders had a big impact on her. Terra Watson Saunders and Pennie Booker Marshall helped her and taught her key lessons that she will never forget. Sara says that aside from having her twin boys and being their mom, being a DCC was the greatest thing she ever got to be a part of. It taught her how to be. So much of who she is today she learned during the two short years there- proper etiquette, communication skills, and making sure she smiles and looks into the eyes of everyone she meets. Sara says “Always make sure you treat others in such a way that they feel as if they are the only person in the world.” DCC shaped who she is as a person.
I loved getting to know Sara. I discovered our stories are more similar than I originally thought. From growing up in the same area, to being someone that the team grew to love. Sara being nicknamed “Crawdad” for her country, vibrant demeanor and me being called “Sasshlee” for bringing my Louisiana girl sass to any room. From things falling right into place because of God’s intentional hand, and everything in between. A newfound duo–an addition to each of our stories. Sara is a DCC to remember.

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