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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Regina Tucker

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Regina Tucker

Interviewed by Ashlee


“You determine how great you want to be. You write your story… and the part that you don’t figure out, God will write the rest.” Regina was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Both of her parents were teachers, so she grew up in an artistic family. In her home, everyone had to play an instrument or “you had to find somewhere else to live.” Regina was always involved in something, whether it be at the ballet studio or tagging along with her dad, the band director. Throughout Regina’s childhood, her dad loved to expose all of his students to new places and experiences. He would arrange for his students to do fundraisers at Texas Stadium– one of the only African American groups there. Regina would go to the stairs of the stadium to sell her popcorn, but instead she became mesmerized by the beautiful and talented women cheering out on the field—the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. She was star struck and can still remember seeing them (and their afros) and dreaming of being one too. So, years later after graduating college, she auditioned for DCC in April of 1992.

As Regina recollects on her experience, she tells me how she grew up taking dance. She was an apprentice and then had some training at the Ballet Dance Academy.  Upon her arrival at the stadium for tryouts, she remembers so many beautiful girls lined up, seeming more fit for the esteemed organization. Regina was so intimidated, she decided just to watch the girls go inside and stay in her car. After a while, she went from afraid to intrigued. So, she went in– but only to watch the other girls showcase their talents and see who would make it. She had planned to sneak out before her turn. Intrigued turned into “why not” and you guessed it, Regina made the team!

Despite Regina’s initial hesitation, she decided that she wanted African American girls to have representation, to have a place, and to be seen as strong and beautiful. She wanted to be a mentor and to pay her experiences forward.  She wanted others to know that she had something to offer and had value. Regina cheered for 7 years because she wanted to continue to contribute. She learned a lot over the years- how to speak in front of a crowd, how to emerge from her shell, and how to gain personal and professional growth. She was determined to be better with each day, and she was. She served as 2nd Group Leader, then 1st Group Leader, first African American Pro Bowl Cheerleader, and much more. She made bonds and gained lifelong friends that would be by her side through the good times—and the bad.

Regina would have continued for an 8th season, but her dad had been ill for quite some time. She wanted to be there for him. She was very close to her dad; he was her biggest supporter and very best friend. He attended every game, every event, and he would always capture each and every moment. He loved to polish her white boots, while her mom loved doing little things to the star- spangled uniform.  Her most important fans were her family.  They were also her greatest motivation. So, when her dad’s health worsened, Regina knew she wanted to devote her time to him. Regina says that God knew that the family needed two blessings after losing one, her father.   Shortly after his passing, she received news that she was expecting twins.

Regina wears many hats: wonderful Mom and student teacher, amazing daughter, and a woman of God. She is an icon and role model to many, including me. My favorite advice from Regina is to ‘make the most of the time that you have because you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Try your best, give your best, give your all because once preparation meets opportunity, God is opening that door for you and giving you the favor to be great. Go be great. Represent Him well, your family well, and yourself well. So, when you look back, you have no regrets.’

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