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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Justine Phillips Orf

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Justine Phillips Orf

Justine grew up in Plano, Texas and always dreamed of dancing professionally. Justine danced her entire life at KJ Dance studio, and thought she would move out to New York City or LA to pursue dance as a career. However, throughout high school, Justine was encouraged to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. As she approached graduation, Justine re-routed her dream of dancing professionally. Instead of moving out to the coasts, she decided to stay in Dallas to audition for DCC. Justine hoped to audition at the end of her senior year in high school, but couldn’t! She missed the age requirement by a matter of 2 weeks!

Justine decided to use this delay to her advantage, and auditioned for the Dallas Mavericks! She danced as a Dallas Mavericks Dancer for 3 years. As Justine gained experience dancing for a sports team, she grew even stronger in knowing she had to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Justine auditioned at age 22, and made the team! Justine had a fantastic 5 year career as a DCC. She was on show group for all 5 years, excelled as a group leader, represented the Cowboys at Pro Bowl, and of course, created millions of memories with her sisters!

What I loved learning about Justine was how she met her husband, got engaged, and was married – all throughout her DCC career! It’s amazing that Justine was able to give so much love to her teammates, the Cowboys Organization, as well as her future family. Justine has such a big and beautiful heart!
After Justine retired from DCC, she moved to Oklahoma with her husband and became a Pure Barre teacher. As Justine explained her Pure Barre journey, the passion and appreciation for Pure Barre just oozed out of her! She shared that Pure Barre was a fantastic work out for her body, because of its low impact. And she also explained that it was the perfect place to meet new friends, and feel at home in her new Oklahoma city.

When Justine moved back from Oklahoma to the Dallas area, she began teaching at the Plano/North Plano studio. (Fun fact: Justine and I both have taught at the Pure Barre Plano/North Plano studio – I got to know Justine as a Pure Barre sister before we connected as DCC sisters!)
Recently, Justine took a step back from teaching Pure Barre to shine as a Momma! Justine and her family just adopted a newborn son, Bodhi! While I interviewed Justine, I got to meet the little man over Facetime. Bodhi is precious, and Justine is a fantastic Mother! She’s extremely patient, sweet, caring, and strong. Qualities that she has carried throughout her dance career, as a Pure Barre teacher, and in her family.

My final question for Justine tied together our entire interview perfectly. I asked, “What did you learn most about yourself, or life, from being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?”Justine answered, “I feel confident that I can handle anything because I was a DCC!” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader equips you to enter any situation with grace, and strength. As Justine has carried these qualities throughout her life, she has proven to be the perfect role model on and off the field.


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