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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Becky Delano Ohmes

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Becky Delano Ohmes

Becky Ohmes was a Rookie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in 1989, the year that Jerry Jones became the owner of the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. She grew up in Farmers Branch, TX and said that she had always idolized the DCC. She specifically remembers looking up to “the cheerleader in the 70’s with the pigtails.” She even requested pigtails as her hairstyle of choice when she would go to gymnastics practice, as a little girl, because of that DCC! She had a friend that decided to audition, which is what ultimately gave her the courage to go for it. Not making it her first time around did not stop her in reaching for her dream. Becky was thrilled to make the team that following year. While we were talking, she quoted Nikos Kazantzakis, “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can”. Becky said that this was a very important quote to her. She spoke of being shy and quiet, but said that she was so thankful that she believed in herself enough to shoot for the stars. Becky went on to accomplish many great things in the dance world, but she said that DCC is what gave her the confidence to continue believing in herself. After earning her dance degree at SMU, Becky went on to pursue TV and film work as a stunt performer. This also led her to LA, which is where she met her husband.

I asked Becky what a few of her “DCC favorites” were. For tradition, she said the DCC pinky ring. She proudly lifted her finger while we were on our video chat to show it off. She still wears it every day. This was a very special moment because it is one of my favorite traditions as well. It is a token of the special bond that all of us have, no matter when we were on the team. One of her favorite memories was getting to perform her first game in San Diego against the Chargers. It was a unique situation to travel for an away game, but she said that it was a great bonding trip for her and her teammates. Her parents even flew out to see her because they did not want to miss her first game. The girls also got to visit San Diego MCRD, which made a big impact on her and was one of her favorite appearances. When I asked her about her favorite dance, she said that nothing could beat the kick line!  She also loved getting to perform at halftime.

Becky now lives with her husband and Pomeranian pup in Georgia. She tries to get back to Dallas whenever she can for DCC Alumni events. The last one she was able to attend was the Breast Cancer Awareness halftime in 2016. Becky spoke very highly of her time as a DCC, and what her experiences meant to her. She enjoys thinking back on the memories. I loved getting to hear her stories, and share a little about what life is like as a current cheerleader. We made a special connection for which I am so grateful!



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