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Black History Month 2022 – Letter to My Younger Self – DCC Tyra

Black History Month 2022 – Letter to My Younger Self – DCC Tyra


Dear Little Tyra,

I want you to know everything is going to be ok. Life is full of ups and downs, and we are on this roller coaster together sis. You are going to go through things in life where it feels like the world is collapsing around you and you feel like giving up, but just remember, the life you were given is so special and unique to you. God will never let you face a battle alone and He wouldn’t place a challenge in front of you that He doesn’t believe you can overcome.

You will meet some amazing people in this life and some of those people you will only get a short amount of time with you here on this earth, so cherish every moment you have with them and love on every one you meet extra hard. Every person you lose on earth is just going to be another person waiting to hug you when you are called home, so continue to live your life to the fullest and do your best to make them proud.

I am so proud of the woman you have become and all the things you have accomplished. Keep shining your light little one, because that light can brighten someone else’s day. You will soon know how important a glimpse of light can be on a dark day. I love you forever and always and I’ve got your back!

DCC Tyra



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