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Black History Month 2022 – Letter to My Younger Self – DCC Kelee

Black History Month 2022 – Letter to My Younger Self – DCC Kelee

Dear Younger Self,

You may not know it yet, but there is so much in store for you. There will be times when doubt takes over but know that you have earned every single opportunity that comes your way. God has big plans for you. Continue to pursue your dreams and never let fear hold you back. Just know that it will all work out, no matter how tough the situation may be.

All the things you accomplish will go beyond what you have imagined. With that being said, make sure to never lose sight of who you are.

You are someone who will make history as the first black dance captain of your high school. Yes, there will be a lot of pressure with that role, but you will, as always, handle the opportunity with grace. You are a person that will lead as an officer of a world-famous collegiate dance team. In this position, you will expand your knowledge and love of dance with incredible performance opportunities. You are a person who is kind, intelligent, hardworking, etc. You are someone who will be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. You will learn and grow more than ever before, surrounded by some outstanding people. There are going to be so many little girls who look up to you, many who see aspects of themselves personified in you. Continue to be someone they can be proud of, along with being proud of yourself.

You are going to come across people who will try to make you feel less than. People who will insult the way you look, how you talk, and more. Do not allow the opinions of others dictate how you feel and what you know about yourself. You matter. You are enough. You are beautiful black girl that is capable of so much more than you realize. Keep your head up. There are many possibilities ahead.



DCC Kelee

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