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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Beverly Flower Gallagher

Beverly Flower Gallagher

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Beverly Flower Gallagher


An Omaha, Nebraska native, Beverly moved to Dallas at age 19 to pursue a job opportunity. While in Dallas, she competed in the Miss Texas Universe pageant where she saw an advertisement for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders auditions. She had a background in cheering from her high school days and decided to go for it. Beverly went on to cheer from 1973-1976 and also served as a group leader.

Beverly shared her memories of what it was like being one of Americaʼs Sweethearts in the 70ʼs. They were truly American icons! She told stories of cheering at the playoff game against the LA Rams at the Colosseum for a crowd of 102,000. This was the first time the world had seen NFL cheerleaders and described the experience of representing America’s Team on such a large stage as absolutely incredible. In order to attend, they found sponsors from Dallas and after the playoff game, they went on to cheer at Super Bowl X in Miami. How exciting that she cheered in a Super Bowl game for Roger Staubach! Beverly also told stories of dancing at Texas Stadium. We laughed about her stories of dancing to a live band of 20 pieces, which was positioned behind one of the goal posts. As a group leader, if you were on the opposite end, you couldn’t always hear the music cues to start dancing. One of my favorite quotes was when she stated, “You could see the pom poms coming before you could see the cheerleader. They truly were massive and so iconic. Oh, and it was HOT!”

We shared common thoughts on how the uniform binds us as DCC. I showed her our current uniform and how we’re able to remove the stars to wash it. The uniform has evolved over the years yet stayed the same in most ways. She said DCC choreographer, Texie Waterman, loved fringe and they even had a royal blue body suit for winter. We laughed about how that was short lived for a reason. 🙂

Beverly still stays in contact with her core group of girls from her cheering days, which is proof that the friendship and memories last a lifetime and the bond is forever. She currently dances in a line dance crew and participates in appearances at “Senior Fares” and the Senior Games as a DCC Alumni where they cheer everyone on. She had the opportunity to meet DCC Savannah at one of the appearances and spoke so highly of her. Itʼs so fun to connect the dots and talk about our shared relationships.

In her personal life, Beverly is happily married for 40+ years to the love of her life, John. She has 3 kids, 1 grandchild, grandpuppies and she lights up when talking about them. When I asked her if she ever gets asked about cheering or if it comes up in conversations, she said it’s typically her kids who share her story. She was even asked for pictures in a Dallas Cowboys bar while visiting with her son.

There is no doubt she still exudes the confidence of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and is as adorable as ever! I absolutely loved getting to know her and sharing memories and experiences of the sisterhood.

DCC Brennan

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