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Alumni Spotlights

  Meredith Walker Kneis was born in Dumas, TX, raised in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex and was a jack of all trades participating in multiple sports, but showing school spirit as a cheerleader was her favorite. Her senior year, however, she decided to take a break from the squad, a decision she believes may have driven her to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders a year later. Meredith actually learned about the DCC audition through an advertisement on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, a radio segment broadcast

In 1985 Kim Wiman walked into her orthodontist’s office expecting a routine check-up. What she came out with was a new dream. During her appointment, Kim overheard the radio advertising the upcoming Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders auditions. Her ears perked up when the ad told DCC hopefuls they could bring any talent to the audition. Kim was a singer with a natural aptitude for performing. At the time she worked as an entertainer in Six Flags. After hearing the radio ad about DCC auditions, Kim decided to go

Christina Parker Rosen was a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from2004-2008 and cheered at the iconic Texas stadium in its last few running years. She said that her favorite part about being a member of the team would have to be game day, USO travel, photo shoots but most importantly the life-long friendships she was able to make during her time as a DCC. I asked Christina what the hardest part about making the team for her was and her answer was simple “Here’s where I

Pennie Marshall is the epitome of a DCC legend. She served 6 years on the team as a cheerleader, from 1994 – 1999, followed by another 7 years representing the Cowboys at appearances and shows as an All Star. She was a leader, a long-term member of Show Group, and went to the Probowl her 5th year in 1999. And her dancing didn’t stop on the sidelines… she went on as an All Star, dancing at events like the Six Flags closing ceremony for 2 years years.

“America’s Sweethearts” has been used as a distinguishing title for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for decades, and after interviewing Misty Duncan Day it is clear that she is exactly this and perfectly exemplifies what it means to be a DCC. Her genuine heart and love for this organization is apparent in the way she talks about the sisterhood, her experiences as a DCC, and hearing her reminisce about some of the greatest years of her life. She continued to say that she is “so proud to be

Vicki was born in Kansas City and lived in Philly growing up, but she was exposed to Dallas often because her parents were HUGE Cowboys fans. There were not cheerleaders at the time, so it wasn’t until college that Vicki started dreaming of becoming a DCC. She attended the North Texas State University where she served as leader of the Song team; there were 6 DCC on her college song team at the time, which is where her thoughts of trying out started to come about. It was

As a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for four years, Emma made her mark on the organization. She was born in England but grew up in Richardson, TX and started dancing at the age of 6. She loved every aspect of the dance world and continued with drill team during her middle and high school years. After landing a spot on the Kilgore College Rangerettes for two years in college, she knew she wanted to continue her dance career. What better path for aTexas girl in

Pamela Seal was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for 2 years, 1975 & 1976. Being born and raised in North Mesquite, she wasn’t a stranger to the Cowboys. Pam and I had the best time and could have talked all day! We discussed everything from what it was like to be on the team during Super Bowl 10 and the amazing Hail Mary play to the differences and experiences we both have as cheerleaders. Prior to being a DCC, Pam was a high schooler in North Mesquite. She graduated

Terri Bangerter Sherlock might be from Oklahoma originally, but she was a shoe-in for our Texas Team! Terri attended Oklahoma City University, a performing arts school where she was perfecting her dance and performance skills . Terri and I had a blast talking, and probably could have continued to talk for hours. She told me all about her experience with auditions, the lessons she learned, and we even found that we have many mutual friends! Terri was a cheerleader from 1980-1982, under the direction of Suzanne Mitchell. She