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Dear Ashlee, Who knew that your natural tendency to lead the group out for dance battles at recess, talent shows, and all things entertainment would be the first chapter? Who knew that you would be who I think about whenever I start to doubt myself and my abilities? Three-year-old Ashlee loved to be with the big kids, praise dancing down the Baptist church aisles, with so much conviction. Who knew that the same three-year-old would make the choice to confess Christ and be baptized? You always knew what

  Dear Sydney, Oh, how time has flown! Believe it or not you are 26 years old now and living amidst a global pandemic! Crazy right?!?! I am writing you now because you will need tough skin and grace to navigate life as a Black woman in America. The experience of being both female and an African-American presents you with a specific vantage point that only other Black women can fully understand. I am not telling you this to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to embrace your

Clap for yourself.  Becoming your own biggest fan will teach you how to celebrate your wins, even when and if there is no audience. In a world where you will often be the only Black student, dancer, and woman, you will need to quickly learn that there is always a place for you, even when others may not see it. The right thing is not always the easy thing, but it will always be the right thing. Your character is who are when no one is looking. Your character