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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Julie Cash

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Julie Cash


Not one minute into our conversation, before Julie and I quickly realized how much we had in common and why we were likely partnered together. I was immediately drawn to her before the interview had even begun based on her email address that stated she worked for PepsiCo/Gatorade and a quick google search showed she had been there 14 years. I always admire a hardworking woman who finds a way to live out her dream professionally and personally, and Julie fit this description perfectly. I could not wait to get on the phone with her and find out more about how she managed DCC life, work life and the days following. The conversation exceeded my expectations.

Her journey to becoming a DCC was far from easy as she auditioned for 3 years before making the team. As she talked about what she felt when she was cut and the decision to come back the third year, it brought back all the emotions I too felt while pursuing my dream of making the team. Julie was one of the “full time” girls and worked all throughout her tenure on the team at a technology company. Working full time makes the long training camp nights even longer, when she had to wake up early the next morning to get to work, but we both agreed, we wouldnʼt change anything about our shared experience of having a career while on the team. Julie shared a story about when she finally made the team, she ended up hurting herself in the middle of a dance at their very first performance. She had to pull back right before the jump split and ended up being carried off the field. This was at a pre-season training camp scrimmage in Texas, and the injury took her out of cheering the first two pre-season home games. She was finally ready to take the field at the first regular season home game… a long wait after a long journey to earn her stars.

Julieʼs words about her time with the Cowboys and what life skills it taught her really resonated with me. In her words, she stated “DCC teaches you how to be mentally tough”. No truer words could be said. Being a part of this organization grooms you to be a well-rounded, poised woman that can not only entertain a crowd of 100,000 with her performance skills, but also speak publicly in front of a small room all the way to a large conference audience. It gives you the opportunity to touch lives from infants to the elderly. Julie teared up talking about her experiences at the children’s hospital visits while on the team and about how those were the moments she will cherish forever. Her emotion was genuine and a reminder of the impact this organization has on people. She gave so much to make the team, but the experiences she walked away with far outweighed the work she personally put in. From my time talking with Julie, I could quickly see why she was such an incredible ambassador for our organization. Her poise and charisma are infectious, and she represents all that I imagine a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to be.

Hearing Julie talks about her time with the team with a sense of gratitude and feeling of being valued was so special. Iʼm thankful for the connection of DCC bringing us together, and look forward to continuing the bond for years to come.


DCC Brennan

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