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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Nicole Hamilton

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Nicole Hamilton

While there isn’t a NFL Cheerleader Hall of Fame yet, I am confident that when one is established, Nicole Hamilton will be a unanimous selection. While a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Nicole racked up accolades and accomplishments worthy of Hall of Fame recognition. Rookie of the Year, Veteran of the Year, Show Group Member, 10 USO tours, Calendar Cover, and so many other well-earned achievements highlighted her 5-year DCC career. As a teenager, I wasn’t aware of just how impressive her DCC career was, but I did know that when I thought of what a DCC should be, Nicole, always automatically came to mind. To see someone who looked like me, have an illustrious career with such an iconic organization, gave me (and several others) the confidence to pursue this dream.

Of course, no interview is complete without the discussion of differences between “now” vs “then”. As much as things have changed, so many things have stayed the same. CMT nights (and Producer Peter’s blue shirts), matching practice wear, and so many of our favorite traditions have stood the test of time. However, one of the biggest differences between our time on the team are pre-game performances. During Nicole’s tenure, pre-game choreography and songs were changed each game! Now, we perform the iconic Thunderstruck for each pre-game. Talk about having to be on your toes each game. While wrapping up our interview, we started exchanging Judy stories (she really could have her own show), and one of Nicole’s funniest memories is the time one of her extensions fell out while at practice and Judy picked it up and clipped into her hair. There is a picture of that somewhere that I am sure we are all dying to see.

After her DCC career (which ended with Judy asking her to consider coming back for a 6th year), Nicole took her talents to Las Vegas and spent 2 years dancing on stage with ‘Vegas, the Show’. She credits the life and performance lessons that she learned during her time with DCC as giving her the confidence to pursue this incredible experience.

Although Nicole still lives in Las Vegas, she has hung up her dancing shoes and has taken on a new fulfilling role as a wife and mother to two beautiful babies. She is navigating motherhood the same way she navigated through her DCC and Vegas career- with humor, grace, and the same glamour that she is known for. Luckily for all of us, we can catch all of her tips and tricks on her newly launched passion project; her YouTube channel named “Deadre Nicole”. Take some time and check it out!

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