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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Cassie Trammell Loftin

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Cassie Trammell Loftin


Cassie Trammell Loftin was born to wear 15 stars and white Lucchese boots. A 5 year cheerleader, 2 year group leader, and 4 year Show Group member, Cassie left her mark on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders organization and continues to share her talents today.

Raised in Garland, Texas, Cassie is the daughter of Judy Trammell, who cheered 4 years for the Dallas Cowboys and has been  the Head Choreographer since 1991. It is no surprise that Cassie was introduced to dance and cheer at a young age. From landing back handsprings in kindergarten to winning two world championships in 2004 and 2006 with Cheer Athletics, Cassie’s natural talent and tenacious work ethic led her to cheer for the University of North Texas. After completing a year with the squad, Cassie’s heart pulled her in another direction. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Cassie auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at the age of 19 and never looked back.

As Cassie was no stranger to the organization, she always had DCC in the back of her mind growing up and knew the demands and talent the team required. She remembers her mom instilling confidence in her when she decided to audition at such a young age, but once she was in the audition process itself, their “mommy/daughter” relationship was turned off, and she had to earn a spot on the team herself. While most candidates were venting to their families after long training camp nights at Valley Ranch, Cassie and Judy kept their relationship regarding DCC strictly professional. She even called her “Judy” at rehearsal! One of Cassie’s fondest training camp memories was uniform fittings. Though she had been in the locker room hundreds of times, she noticed something different in the room that day… a picture of her mom being sized for her first uniform. One can only imagine how special it was for Cassie to cheer under the leadership of her mother and share life-changing experiences together.

Cassie made a name for herself, and was successful during her time as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Traveling on 5 USO tours, being a member of Show Group for 4 seasons, and serving 2 years as a group leader, Cassie became a great performer and representative of the Dallas Cowboys. One of her favorite memories on the team was singing the National Anthem alongside two other DCC for a boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito… which even served some unexpected blood surrounding the cheerleaders! Another favorite memory of Cassie’s was cheering at the final game at Texas Stadium. She had the privilege of being one of the few cheerleaders who cheered at both Texas Stadium and AT&T Stadium. Unbothered by the 30 degree weather, tears were shed and it was a bittersweet moment knowing she started her career as a DCC at the same stadium where her mother cheered.

Cassie got married during her time on DCC. Something that most cheerleaders can’t relate to, is having their wedding filmed by CMT! She recalls many experiences being filmed, such as her cake tasting, throughout the wedding planning. Her husband still refers to himself as the star of the episode! Once Cassie retired, she was ready to start her own family. Today, she has two beautiful children, Cannon (7) and Lennon (6). Besides staying home to raise her children, Cassie is the director of the Junior DCC, which Cassie herself was a part of growing up. Lennon is currently a member of the group, which has appearances and performances just like the real DCC squad. Will Lennon continue the Trammell legacy? Time will tell, but she loves dancing, just like her mother and grandmother.

Reflecting on Cassie’s experience as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, she is grateful for the amazing people the organization brought into her life. She learned a lot about herself in the process and is still connected with lifelong friends today. They even have a “mom tribe” that meets once a year! When asked to give advice to current girls auditioning to make their dreams of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader come true, Cassie emphasized being true to oneself. Whether it’s body type, dance technique, etc… being chosen for training camp means Kelli and Judy see something special in someone, and Cassie encourages girls to find confidence in that, and to not compare themselves with others. Though Cassie was born a DCC legacy, she has left her own impact on the organization and is a role model to many.

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