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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Terri Bangerter Sherlock

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Terri Bangerter Sherlock

Terri Bangerter Sherlock might be from Oklahoma originally, but she was a shoe-in for our Texas Team! Terri attended Oklahoma City University, a performing arts school where she was perfecting her dance and performance skills . Terri and I had a blast talking, and probably could have continued to talk for hours. She told me all about her experience with auditions, the lessons she learned, and we even found that we have many mutual friends!

Terri was a cheerleader from 1980-1982, under the direction of Suzanne Mitchell. She cheered with Judy Trammel, and was actually in her wedding! While on the team, Terri was a part of Show Group, traveled on USO tours, and shared many memories with women that she still keeps up with to this day. After speaking with her, I am sure that she encouraged others with her positive mindset and infectious personality. She shared that she went to lunch with a group of Alumni and had the best time, that “it felt like we were right where we left off”.

We discussed how the first time we walked out onto the field was our favorite memory while on the team. Whether it be in 1980 for Terri, or 2018 for me, there truly is nothing like it. The feeling of walking out onto the field, knowing you are about to do what you love, for the best team in the nation, next to your best friends, is something she will never forget. Terri and I laughed about the differences in our experiences, how the size of her poms were probably twice the size of mine and how they did not have quite the locker room that we are blessed to have. We laughed about the differences and bonded over the similarities. I am so thankful for the DCC sisterhood and the relationships it has given us.

I asked Terri what advice she would have for any girls who hope to audition, are currently auditioning, currently on the team and her answer was to “Stay true to yourself. Don’t let it change you. The cheerleader doesn’t make
you, you make the cheerleader”. I am certain that our connection and conversations will not end with this one, and I am thankful to say that I have gained another DCC sister.

DCC Taylor J

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