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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sherri Strudwick Steenson

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sherri Strudwick Steenson

Sherri Steenson cheered for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from 1971-1972. During her time to cheer was a historical moment at Texas Stadium in Irving. She tried out twice before making the team. When Sherri auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, auditions were by invite only and 500 women attended. The tryouts lasted one day, and the ladies only danced once. They had to perform a cheer or two, as well. The ladies were required to freestyle to a random song chosen by the judges. Sherri attended auditions with some ladies she knew with dance and cheerleading experience, and they all helped each other throughout the process.

The 1971 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad consisted of only 10 cheerleaders! Under the direction of Dee Brock, they began their season at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park. One of her cherished memories includes her very first game in Texas Stadium in September. When they transitioned to Texas Stadium in Irving, the cheerleaders were allowed to go into the Cowboys Club at the stadium, where they shared a locker room with the press. Eventually, the press was moved to a different location. Sherri’s very favorite memory, was when they traveled and cheered at Super Bowl VI in New Orleans. This was the only time the team traveled. The team’s two sponsors helped with part of the expense of their travels; however, the team was responsible for raising money for the remainder of the expenses.

Sherri has many memories including…her favorite part of the uniform being the leather, short skirt and cheering at every home game both pre-season and regular season. No other football team had cheerleaders, so this was very special to be cheering for THE Dallas Cowboys! The cheerleaders did not perform on the field prior to kick off. They would only cheer on the sidelines, but they were dancing the entire game. The cheerleaders would split in half—five on one side and five on the other—and would alternate between quarters. Sherri loved the various performances they attended, including promotional events for the Dallas Cowboys.

One of the traditions during season was driving to a Holiday Inn with her teammates and practicing in a ballroom every Saturday before a game. During the week at practice, they were shown a dance for two hours at the stadium, which they had to perform the following day. After learning, they would spend all day Saturday rehearsing and practicing with one another. This really did form a bond between all of the young ladies, and their sisterhood still lives on today. They care deeply about one another and are supportive of each other in all their endeavors. They all stay connected via Facebook and alumni events. She loves participating in the alumni events and is so proud of her rookie sisters and the women that are a part of the past and present Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Sherri and her rookie class received their Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders pinky rings at an Alumni dinner several years ago!

Originally from Oak Cliff, Sherri worked for a dentist when she was 17 years old during her last year of high school, and while dancing with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. After high school, she attended Mountain View Junior College and Tarrant County Junior College. She remained in the dental field until her retirement, working in management and consulting for over forty years.

She now resides in Glen Rose with her husband, Scott., whom she met on a blind date, and they recently celebrated their 20-year anniversary in April. Football has been a big part their lives, as Scott was an NFL official for 23 years, along with his full time career in commercial real estate. He even officiated two Super Bowls and has the necklaces and rings celebrating those milestones! Sherri has two children, a daughter and a son, along with six grandchildren from the ages of six to thirteen—four live in Lincoln, Nebraska with her daughter, and two live in Midlothian, Texas with her son. Sherri retired in 2014 and now operates her own decorating company. Sherri and Scott recently built a home on a mountaintop with a gorgeous view, and moved in as of June 16, 2021. She describes it as their “dream home!”

Sherri looks back on her time as a cheerleader and states, “This was a powerful, great time in my life. To be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, you must represent your team and community well, and be a well rounded individual”. She is very proud and thankful to have been a part of the team and a little bit of history.

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