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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Christi Carthel Kendrick

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Christi Carthel Kendrick

Christi Kendrick was a proud ambassador for America’s team as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in 1989.  That year, Christi recalls the uniform having a big shift with a new set of white dingo boots to replace the GoGo boots previously warn by the cheerleaders. While Christi was on the team she remembers the sisterly bond being one of her favorite parts and she says that if she could go back she would stay late after practice for that extra bonding time in the studio and locker room with teammates. Speaking from experience, there is no amount of time long enough with your teammates, who turn into friends and end up being your sisters, so I feel you on that one Christi.

Christi was able to visit our troops on USO tours in many countries overseas, when asked about her experience she said “My favorite part of my year, 1989, had to be the USO tour. I was able to travel to South Korea, Philippines, Diego Garcia (an island in the Indian Ocean), and Bahrain (Persian Gulf), before coming through Paris, France for one night, on the way back home. We traveled by military aircraft the entire tour, and got to meet some amazing American military men and women. It made me proud to be an American, and was an opportunity of a lifetime. I can’t thank the Dallas Cowboys, the DCC organization, and the USO enough for the amazing opportunity to see the world, and bring some USA to the troops over the Christmas and New Year holidays”.  USO tours are a huge legacy within the organization and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have brought cheers to our service members on 80+ tours throughout the cheerleaders history.
When I asked Christi about cheering at the legendary Texas Stadium, she said cheering in front of thousands of cowboys fans wasn’t too bad 😉 she also said, With its permanently open roof, we performed whether it was 110 degrees or 30 degrees. We were a team and supported each other through the tough times, and those are some of my most vivid memories”. Christi recalls getting ready in a small space on game day at Texas Stadium and thinks about how nice it would have been to be in the current locker room at AT&T stadium, but says she wouldn’t change what she had for the world. 
Christi had an incredible career with the DCC and moved on in life to do some really awesome things. When I asked her what accomplishments she was most proud, she said, “My faith is a major part of my life. Without God’s grace, I would definitely be a different person. I am truly blessed. I am close to achieving my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and would like to work towards my CPA license. But my biggest accomplishment is my daughter, Sabra. She is a drill team dancer for a local high school, and an amazing young lady with dreams of maybe one day becoming a DCC. She is the embodiment of grace and maturity, and is as beautiful inside as out.“ Let me be the first to say we cannot wait to see, maybe one day, Sabra carrying on your legacy of wearing the boots and stars one day! Thank you, Christi, for your example and trail blazing for this team, I am so thrilled to be a part of this sisterhood with you! 
Sending you all my love and cheers,
DCC Maddie

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