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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sasha Agent Marrier

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Sasha Agent Marrier

Sasha Agent Marrier was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in 2010 and 2011. Before becoming a DCC, Sasha danced for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings for four years, while attending the University of California, Davis. During her rookie year as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, she was told that she made the team right before taking the squad photo. The candidates were under the impression that Kelli and Judy were still making decisions, but they broke the amazing news right before they walked on set to take the iconic photo.  

Asking about Sasha’s favorite memories and traditions as a Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader,  she said her favorite memory was being named Rookie of the Year at the banquet. I learned that during her first season she was juggling motherhood, taking care of a four-year-old at the time, while starting her career in education. Adding her Rookie year with the Cowboys, on top of that seemed almost impossible for her at times, but she knew she wanted to be sure to give it her all. Because of everything she had going on in her life, she knew that her time with the Cowboys would not be long. Therefore, she put 110% into every moment and her teammates recognized and appreciated her efforts!

Sasha’s favorite tradition was the annual Christmas party because it was the perfect event to have fun and bond with her teammates. Sasha’s favorite performance was during the Thanksgiving halftime in 2011. They were blessed with the opportunity to perform with Enrique Iglesias and Pit Bull. When it came to her favorite dance, she loved “Loud” because it was a perfect combination of hip hop (which was her favorite style) and a little bit of sass.  I also was very curious if Sasha went on a calendar shoot and how that experience was for her. She was extremely thankful that she was given the opportunity to go on the calendar shoot in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico in the Spring of 2011. She was a middle school teacher and at the time, the calendar shoot unfortunately fell on the same week as the Texas Standardized Testing. She was grateful that her school worked with her and she was still able to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

I was really interested in hearing about advice, words of wisdom and if she might have done anything  differently. Her advice to current or future Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders would to be to take  mental pictures of the moments and count your blessings. “When you’re in the locker room cracking up with your friends, when you’re signing autographs at an appearance, when you’re being photographed in the most breath-taking setting for the calendar shoot, stop and try to store that memory away for later because they will serve as timeless treasures.” When asked if there was anything she would do differently, she said that she would try and have a better balance of time spent outside of practices with her teammates. Because of the time spent away from her daughter, she often felt like she needed to make up for the time away due to games and practices. However, she is still in touch with some of her teammates. They actually had plans to have a 2010 reunion last fall, but unfortunately COVID-19 prevented that from happening.  

Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader made Sasha realize just how strong she is as a woman. The juggling act of life taught her that she is capable of achieving her goals. Since her time with the Cowboys, she has had two more beautiful girls and went back to school to pursue her master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling. She has also started a mentoring program known as RISE for at-risk teen girls. 

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