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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Ryan Ray

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Ryan Ray

Ryan Ray, shows us how being obedient through a blessing can have some trials, but ends up catapulting us into something much greater! Managing a full-time schedule, plus a full-time dream can be daunting on anyone. However, Ryan shows us that a positive mindset, we can become 2% better every day! Here is a little snippet of why I (and you will too) love the fabulous, Ryan Ray!

Who is Ryan Ray? Ryan was born and raised a Texas girl and graduated with her masters at UT Dallas in Speech Pathology. After receiving her undergrad degree from TCU (Go Frogs!), she auditioned for DCC twice, before making the team in 2007. Ryan is a wonderful wife and devoted mother to her 10-month-old, Gibson. Although Ryan’s life may seem easy on the surface, she (like many of us) goes through the fog that life brings. Yet, what makes her different, is how she handles those hardships that come her way. While on the team for two years, Ryan was able to travel the world, grace the cover of calendar, and be the master of pranks in the locker room. One time, she sang that National Anthem (loud and purposely off key) while her teammates were entering the locker room, and low and behold, that day there was surprise visit from the Queen herself – Charlotte Anderson! Let’s just say Charlotte found it amusing, but Ryan held off on the pranks for a couple of days!

Ryan had a full schedule, with dedicating herself to work full time and being the role model that is the standard of DCC. During this time, Ryan experienced (what many of us do) the fatigue that life can bring. However, she found out there was an effect for her cause. Ryan went in for a routine blood test and came out with a diagnosis of an extremely rare liver disease named, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). PSC was never a stopping point, but a driving point to become greater! With her positive mindset and everyday obedience, Ryan was introduced to a new position (and new co-worker) her second year on DCC. Her co-worker was the example of what she needed to change, in order to become better in her everyday life. Although managing the DCC schedule was not easy, if she was not on the team, who knows if she would be the remarkable women she is today!

What we should all take away, Ryan’s advice to me, is to remain true to who you are and know whose you are. I instantly connected with this phrase, because it’s one that I often use myself. What makes Ryan such a great example is that she knows where she is being led because she TRUSTS in the ONE leading her. Life will have its twist and turns, but with faith, it will all work out for our good. Ryan’s golden nugget  – Galatians 6:9 (NIV) – “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Ryan says, “In all seasons of my life this verse has applied – singleness seasons, dating-seasons, keep-your-head-down-and-work-seasons, and all-is-good, living-your best-life-seasons.”. Whether raising children, working hard towards a personal goal, striving for physical wellness, working to pursue more healthy dating relationships or just continuing to try to be a better version of yourself in mundane tasks of the day to day life. This verse can ALWAYS apply to our lives. It has encouraged me through the years, and I believe it always will! Work hard, stay strong and remain hopeful for the good things to come!



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