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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Rashel Shepard Larson

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Rashel Shepard Larson

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders organization prides itself on the traditions that can withstand the test of time. Our iconic uniform, our distinctive style of dance, and a uniquely bonded group of sisters that will lift each other up through every stage of life. During my conversation with Rashel, I realized how much things change, but how some things remain the same over a span of 30 years.

From the moment her white boots hit the field, she knew this was going to be the experience of a lifetime. Rashel can remember the unparalleled feeling of waiting in the tunnel at Texas Stadium surrounded by all her sisters hearing the roar of the crowd like it was yesterday. She loved to perform, and like myself, she loved to perform BIG. One of her fondest memories of her time on the squad, was a heartwarming trip to the town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. The entire squad traveled to perform at a college football game. The town is known for their annual Christmas Festival of Lights and they turned them on early, for one night, so the team to enjoy them! Soon after that trip, the DCC  would visit Cook’s Children’s Hospital, with the players, to spread cheer and joy to those unable to return home for the holidays. It was there that she truly understood the “power of the Star”. Watching, then Rookie, Emmitt Smith interact with the young children – he had such enthusiasm and humility. Rashel knew the reason this organization has profound influence is because of the character of the people from within.

She shared stories of sweltering gamedays at Texas Stadium, which made me extremely grateful for our climate-controlled AT&T Stadium, studio, and locker room at The Star. She then went on to mention how she was originally sized in a boot too small for her, just because she worried she would kick it off during the kickline, which was ironically one of my same rookie fears! Turns out we both spent a little too long in a “too tight” boot. Back then, the squad would perform a different pregame routine each game, including new choreography and new formations. Sounds quite different than perfecting gameday Thunderstruck all season long! But what binds them together, is the traditional DCC kickline ending with the jumpsplits. As much as things seem to transition and develop over the years, some things are simply world class, withstanding the test of time.

Reflecting on the impact of DCC in her life, Rashel said, being a DCC groomed her to be a well composed, professional, and classy woman – in a way no other experience or career could. She cherishes every memory of her time as a DCC and looks forward to the next time she gets to do sexy hips with her Spirit of DCC sisters at the next Alumni event.

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