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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Pam Seal

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Pam Seal

Pamela Seal was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for 2 years, 1975 & 1976. Being born and raised in North Mesquite, she wasn’t a stranger to the Cowboys. Pam and I had the best time and could have talked all day! We discussed everything from what it was like to be on the team during Super Bowl 10 and the amazing Hail Mary play to the differences and experiences we both have as cheerleaders.

Prior to being a DCC, Pam was a high schooler in North Mesquite. She graduated high school early and headed straight to auditions. Although Pamela was young, she was no stranger to performing. At age 18 she signed with Peggy Taylor Talent where she did print, film, commercials.

My first question for Pam was about Auditions. What was it like? Did you feel intimidated? What was the biggest struggle for you? A special thing about our conversation was realizing how different the times were, but how similar the emotions are in the environment. She explained to me how auditions were intimidating, but exciting all at once- something all of us can relate to. She said “It was Sunday, the day of the audition at our new state of the art Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas up in the Texas Stadium Club that overlooked the field you hoped you’d be cheering on. You know how it is as you look over your competition. So I gave it my all, and I was thrilled that Texie Waterman came over to me after the audition and asked who taught me to dance, as she really liked how I snapped my head and flung my hair around”. I can only imagine, as a DCC hopeful what it would have been like to have the director come up to you and give you a compliment! She mentioned how they were notified about their audition results with a letter in the mail the following Tuesday, stating that they made it and would start that Thursday at the Texie Waterman studio.

When I asked Pam what her favorite memory was, she stated that it had to be the moment she walked through the tunnel at Texas Stadium onto the field for the first time. An experience that I believe all DCC will never forget! The feeling you get when walking out into a packed stadium, with your best friends on either side of you, ready to do what you love, is unmatchable.

Pam and I spoke about how thankful we are for the DCC bond and the history behind it. She is currently an active member of the DCC Alumni group as well as the DCC “Senior” Alumni, “We sign autographs at some really fun events and were featured on the front cover of Celebration Magazine which is what helped launch our Senior group”. Pam’s advice for any DCC hopefuls and current DCC moving forward was “Let the rough things roll off your back, and be the best you that you can”.


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