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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Nora Tagle Cano

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Nora Tagle Cano

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” – what comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Most likely it’s something along the lines of blue stars, white fringe vests, sparkling smiles and “America’s Sweethearts.” This iconic team has been in and out of the media for decades, recognized for their flawless performances, eloquent way of speaking and community service involvement. But what’s behind the curtain? What others may not directly see is the sisterhood formed that lasts a lifetime and the life lessons learned along the way.

I recently had the opportunity to interview DCC alum, Nora Tagle Cano, who cheered for Cowboys from 1998-2001. A Texas native, Nora danced for the  Kilgore College Rangerettes, and then went on to receive a dance degree from the University of Texas before becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. She currently works in digital marketing for Sinclair. “I still go on trips yearly with old teammates,” Nora said. “This team truly is a sisterhood like no other.”

I asked Nora several questions including: “What is the most valuable lesson you learned while on the team?” and “How did DCC prepare you for future endeavors?” But what stuck out to me the most, was Nora’s heart to continuously use her platform to inspire others. “Realize the power in your uniform,” Nora said. “Use it to inspire, teach and motivate young girls.”

Nora and I shared stories of struggles we both faced in training camp. The practices were hard, we were pushed both mentally and physically, and because the standards are so high, you have to rise to the occasion and grow as a performer, or you fall behind. These experiences have shaped who we are today. We both agreed that this has helped us to become mentally strong, but the struggles are what bind us together in the sisterhood. It is quite the humbling experience.

Nora said that these unique experiences have, in turn, helped her support and encourage others. I am thankful for the sisterhood that brought Nora and I together, and I am excited to welcome the new rookies of the season to the DCC family, so they too can be a part of this special sisterhood.

DCC Kristin

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