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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Meredith Oden Root

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Meredith Oden Root

I recently had the honor of interviewing DCC Alumni, Meredith Oden Root, who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys from 2007-2011. Meredith’s energy is contagious, and I could instantly tell that she was a huge asset to the organization. We shared lots of stories and laughs and bonded over memories of late-night CMT filming. I gained an even deeper appreciation for the special DCC sisterhood after speaking with Meredith.

Meredith is one of the few alumni who is a DCC Legacy. Her mother Kim cheered during the 1982 and 1983 seasons. Meredith was born in the DFW area and grew up training in various styles of dance. She was a Junior Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and loved the unique experiences the program brought. She had the opportunity to perform in several halftime shows and spend lots of time with the current Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Meredith’s family moved to Houston when she was in middle school, but her admiration of the organization and her desire to audition one day remained.

Through our conversation, Meredith and I discovered that we share an additional bond as Texas Christian University Alumni. Before her time at TCU, Meredith attended Kilgore College where she was a Kilgore College Rangerette. Meredith went on to double major at TCU, and graduate with degrees in Marketing and Supply and Value Chain Management. In addition to her academic studies, Meredith performed as a TCU Showgirl. After hearing everything she accomplished as a college student, I was in awe of Meredith’s determination and work ethic. She was still a student at TCU when she made the squad. Meredith shared that when she learned that she made training camp around 11:00 pm, she drove straight to the TCU library to meet with her study group and prepare for her final exams. Talk about dedication!

Unsurprisingly, Meredith’s work ethic was a huge asset during her time as a DCC. She was on show group all four years and was a 1st Group leader while on the team. Meredith is a very confident and eloquent speaker, and her skills were heavily utilized during her time as a cheerleader. She traveled all over the country to participate in interviews and live TV segments as one of the few selected representatives for her team. I remember watching a segment on YouTube when I was in high school that featured Meredith as the emcee during a show the squad performed on a USO tour. I watched with admiration at how poised, personable, and well-spoken she was. Despite all of the glitz, glamour, and countless opportunities Meredith had as a Cheerleader, she said that the USO tours she participated in were “hands down her favorite experience as a cheerleader.” Being able to thank our military for their service was the biggest honor.

When I asked Meredith what the most valuable thing was that she took from her DCC experience, she replied, “Patriotism and how special it is to be an American.” She went on 3 USO tours, and one of which was to Iraq and Afghanistan. She said, “Being able to see what the men and women do on the front lines to keep us safe is something that changed me and is something I will take with me forever.” Meredith now resides in Columbia with her husband and two young boys where she works as a US diplomat. She is extremely grateful for the many life lessons she learned as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. I left our conversation feeling inspired, grateful, and excited about what life after DCC might bring.


DCC Erin


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