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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kim Stevens

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Kim Stevens

I had the pleasure to interview Kim Stevens. Kim was a DCC for 3 seasons (84, 85, 86) and cheered with Kelli McGonagill Finglass. Kim was the youngest on the team when she made it at the age of 18. A fun fact Kim shared is when she made it to training camp, she was actually still in high school. They announced it on the intercom during announcements at her high school and she was so embarrassed! After her first try, Kim was put on show group and remained for three years. She also shared that during her first year on the team, she was placed in the first row in her group and then had the honor to be a leader her second year.  

Kim shared that her biggest role model, and former choreographer, Shannon Werthmann is who inspired her to become a DCC. While on the team, Kim choreographed several dances, which were among her favorite dances, along with the Thriller routine. One of her favorite memories involved USO Tours that she was able to attend. While on one of the tours, one of her most memorable events, was performing on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  

Kim shared a piece of advice and said it’s the most valuable thing she received on the team…cherish every single minute that you get to live your dream. This really resonated with me, as it has been a consistent piece of advice throughout most of my alumni interviews. I hold this near and dear, as I approach every day of practice.  

Kim’s favorite DCC tradition is the ring ceremony and dinner at Suzanne’s house. We still have the ring ceremony, only it is now held at our end of the year banquet. Kim’s advice to  someone going into their first year on the team or even their last year, is to soak in the feeling when entering the field. There is nothing else like it, and never take for granted the opportunity that has been given. 


DCC Amber   

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