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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Jordan Baum

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Jordan Baum


Jordan Baum was born with the stars in her heart, as she grew up in Dallas, Texas training at the Dallas Power House of Dance. The oldest of six siblings, Jordan initially started her professional dance career at the age of 18 with the Dallas Mavericks Dancers. After gaining some professional experience under her belt, Jordan traded the basketball court for the turf and auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. In 2008, she made the team her first year and started her Cowboys journey!

Jordan had the unique experience of cheering during a transitional time for the Cowboys stadiums. Before the new indoor stadium opened in Arlington in 2009, all Cowboys home games were played in Irving at Texas Stadium. Jordan was part of the last team to cheer at Texas Stadium, and the first to cheer in the new facility, now known as AT&T Stadium. “I remember the last night of the old stadium and the celebration after the last game,” she said. “I remember it being SO cold outside, the fireworks going off, and looking around at my teammates as we all cried. I can still picture that last night in my mind. It was really special and the memories from that stadium will forever be in my memory!” Jordan recalled many of the simpler ways things operated at the Irving stadium, from rolling out a tarp as a team when it rained, and using a tiny locker room, sharing power outlets and getting ready on the floor. She compared how things were smaller at the old stadium, and how she could simply to walk out to her car after the game and take photos with the fans in the parking lot. Although the stadium had become a beloved home, there were exciting things to come in the new Cowboys Stadium.

In 2010 Jordan would find herself with her poms back on the basketball court, as the DCC were a part of the winning act in the NBA Slam dunk contest. Her paths would cross once more as Arlington hosted the NBA All Star game in the new stadium, and the DCC performed in front of a record breaking 108,713 people in attendance. But Jordan said nothing compared to the opening moments of a home football game, busting out of the tunnel as a team at the kickoff of a Cowboys game. “There was such great energy and we all knew it was time to perform everything we had worked so hard on during the week prior!” She also enjoyed participating in community appearances in the Dallas area that she had been born and raised in. “We would go to hospitals and nursing homes throughout the community and spend quality time talking to patients and their loved ones,” she recalled. “Those days were so eye opening and humbling.”

Jordan credits many of her life skills to lessons she learned during her time with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. “DCC taught me how to connect and communicate with different types of people in different environments, with different ages, genders, races, and people from all over the world,” she explained. “Being a DCC taught me that being on time is late, and it taught me that you should always smile and be kind to everyone.” She believed the training and expectations are what distinguish the DCC from other teams. “We went through etiquette training, social media and appearance training… and we were always expected to represent the organization in a positive way, whether we were in uniform or not.”

Jordan went on to cheer a successful 3 seasons with the Cowboys, and continued another 2 years as an All Star. She had many other proud achievements, including being featured on the yoga workout DVD and having her photos published in the DCC calendars. Jordan remained in the Lone Star state after her tenure with the Cowboys. She is mom to a beautiful 3-year-old daughter named Blake, and the rest of her family is local with the exception of one sister who resides in LA. She still wears her gold DCC pinky ring and hasn’t taken it off since her rookie season. “It’s something that is very special to me and represents my hard work and such a fun chapter of my life!” Her advice to any current DCC is to keep a journal of everything you experience. She advises to write about what you did, who you met, and how you felt. “I feel that there are so many experiences that I forgot about because we didn’t have the technology or social media back then that the girls have now. Being a DCC was a humbling experience for me, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

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