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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Jenni Croft Badolato

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Jenni Croft Badolato

Jenni Croft Badolato was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for three outstanding seasons, 2002-2005. Prior to making the team, she danced for Wichita State University and auditioned for DCC right after graduation. She was inspired by her college dance team director to audition at the end of her time with Wichita State, and followed her to Dallas. Jenni grew up dancing competitively since the age of three. While speaking, I learned that we were at some of the same competitions growing up and that she is now best friends with my “big sister,” Candace Montez, from my childhood dance studio. It’s incredible how small the dance world is, and to see it come full circle.

Jenni was a part of Show Group throughout her three seasons and had the honor of traveling for several USO tours. She went to Korea, England, Germany, and Japan, to name a few, and said that going on USO tours are some of her most cherished memories. While on a USO, she had the opportunity to dance with Neal McCoy at an award ceremony in Washington, D.C., which became her favorite performance as a DCC.

Throughout the call, Jenni spoke about her favorite things about being a cheerleader versus being alumni. Her favorite DCC tradition is our prep performance ritual of holding pinkies and say the Lord’s Prayer. She shared that she was not super religious before making the team, which meant a lot to her that DCC was able to introduce her to her faith. She loved and still does Sexy Hips!  Jenni said dancing to “Welcome to the Jungle” was one of her favorite memories of game day. Being an Alumni has also been outstanding, she said. Now living in Arizona, Jenni has reconnected with other DCC’s that didn’t cheer with her, that live Arizona as well. She mentioned how unique the sisterhood is even after your tenure on the team.

Post DCC Jenni was a Miami Heat Dancer for one season, and then an Arizona Suns Dancer for three seasons. She has been on Arizona’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” twice and has enjoyed every minute of being a mom to three beautiful children. Jenni and I have already planned our next call, and I cannot wait to grow closer and continue the sisterhood of DCC.

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