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Crystal was a 4-year DCC from 2002-2006, making the team when she was only 18 years old. She went on to become a DCC All-Star the following season before becoming pregnant with the first of her two daughters. She currently resides in Rockwall, Texas, and teaches acrobat classes at a local dance studio. Her daughters love to dance and tumble, just like her!

During her rookie season, Crystal made the prestigious Show Group but decided to take a step back and focus on her studies. She was ready to re-audition for Show Group in her third season and made it once again. While on Show Group, she had the opportunity to travel to Korea on one of the USO tours. She remembers this time vividly as they went during Christmas and the DCC parents would send stockings for the girls to open on Christmas day. While reflecting on her time on tour, Crystal told me this was the first time she really saw what it meant to be a military member and fight for our country. She said it changed her perspective on life and realized how lucky she was. Some of Crystal’s other favorite memories include trying on the uniform for the first time, walking onto the field as a rookie, the two-week bus tour she took through Europe, as well as being on the first non-stop flight to Japan. She got to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and described the water as a majestic warm pool that you’d see in a movie. Some of her favorite DCC traditions included adding rookie Christmas ornaments to the locker room Christmas tree and performing in the Thanksgiving Halftime shows where she had the privilege of dancing with Destiny’s Child, LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, and Big & Rich. She also spoke in great detail about all of her wonderful appearances with the Ronald McDonald House where she met so many children that touched her life forever. Another memorable appearance for her was attending III Forks with Roger Staubach as the one DCC representative. She was also given the opportunity to appear in Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Crystal provided me with so much encouragement that I will remember for the rest of my time on this team. We talked in depth about how important it is to be your most authentic self and how being “your best you” goes so much further than trying to be someone you’re not. Her advice to those wanting to try out for this team is to do your homework! Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader isn’t for everyone and if you plan on auditioning, make sure you know what they’re looking for and stay true to who you are during the process. She reminded me that being my true self is so much more valuable than trying to be who I think others want. She told me to have fun, enjoy these precious years and the rest will fall into place.

I loved getting the opportunity to speak with Crystal and listen to her incredible stories. This served as such a beautiful reminder of this sisterhood and the bond we all have, even though we have never cheered together. Our DCC journeys might be very different yet we still have so much in common and our little gold DCC band will keep us connected for life!


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