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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Christina Garza

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Christina Garza

Getting to know Alumni is always a privilege. It is the constant reminder that this team is more than just cheering on the sidelines. It’s a sisterhood, a true family. I had the pleasure of interviewing Christina and learning about her time as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. It wasn’t an easy road for her, but with her passion and determination, her story will bring tears to your eyes.

Let’s take it way back, back to high school. Christina was stopped at school and asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! This was an automatic response, growing up in McAllen, Texas and being raised in a family of Cowboys fans, there wasn’t any other choice. After having her answer published in the school yearbook, everyone was very excited for her to pursue this dream one day. Life went on and now Christina was in college and working at a bank. One day a man came into her work and recognized her. He quickly asked, “Hey aren’t you Christina, and didn’t you want to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?” She was shocked and responded yes. He then asked, “well did you do it?” From that moment on, Christina started working towards her goal! Life had not yet taken her on the journey of becoming a DCC, but after that gentleman asked, she remembered how bad she wanted it. Quickly signing up for dance classes to train, Christina tried out but didn’t make it. It wasn’t her year and she knew she had some work to do. After training for a year and becoming a San Antonio Spurs Dancer, she had experience and was ready to try out again. In 2003, she tried out again and made the team!

Christina spent 2 years on the team and loved every minute of it. From running out of an inflatable helmet at the games, to the late nights under the stars at Texas Stadium. This was a job that Christina cherished every moment. She loved signing autographs, charity appearances, and representing her culture on a huge stage! Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader taught Christina about perseverance, determination, how to be confident and have great time management.

This interview was incredible and filled with so many great stories. To finish it off, Christina gave a very important piece of advice for any current and future DCC’s – Never give up! Today only happens once, let’s make it amazing!

DCC Alanna

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