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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Cara Blackmon Harting

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Cara Blackmon Harting

Cara Blackmon Harting was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders very first Rookie of the Year! It was so much fun to chat with her, and hear about her experience as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Cara studied dance and choreography, and chased her passion down to Dallas from her hometown of Coleman, Texas. She performed on Show Group for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and boy, did the shows sound incredible! Different dance styles, costumes, and solos, oh my! I loved hearing about her dance journey, but it was clear Cara truly valued how being a cheerleader can impact hearts all around the world.

Her greatest loves were USO tours, and the beloved DCC sisterhood. Cara described how she would bring a notebook on USO tours and ask soldiers if there were any messages she could deliver for them. She would make phone calls or write to families and loved ones of those fighting overseas. When I asked how she changed throughout her DCC career, she said that the USO tours made the biggest impact. She said she can’t hear the Star Spangled Banner without tearing up!

Cara offered great life advice throughout our interview as well. She spoke about how we’ve all been given gifts, and it’s our responsibility to use them. Cara was one of the tallest on the team, 6 ft, and when introducing herself, she would always say, “I’m glad to be standing tall amongst America’s finest.” We all have a choice in how we look at things. This lesson really stuck with me!

As I wrapped up my conversation with Cara, we talked about all the differences between our experiences on DCC… like how she auditioned in parachute shorts and a tee! But some things always stay the same… like, “if you’re on time, you’re late!” And we both agreed that being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is an unbelievable blessing. Cara said, “I feel blessed beyond words. The USO tours, the people we meet, the sisterhood, it lasts a lifetime.”

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