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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Caila Sims Sturdivant

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Caila Sims Sturdivant

Growing up as a DCC Legacy, the comment I heard the most was, “You will make your greatest and best friends on the team as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.” To this day, after 20years of hearing that quote, I now know that that is the truth. It’s not friends that the DCC make on the team… it’s sisters. And the sisters aren’t just within the squad that we have cheered with.The sisters go back for years, decades! Six decades of cheerleaders that, I truly believe, have a sister-like bond. I had the pleasure of interviewing alumni DCC Caila, digging in deep to find out her love for cheering for the Cowboys, and when it all started.
Caila knew she wanted to be a part of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders organization from a very young age. She was given the opportunity to perform in halftimes because she was a Junior DCC. It’s very special to have a connection with an alumni that was a Junior DCC and also represented the star as a DCC. However, Caila’s journey to making the team wasn’t a clean sweep. She had struggles… to which I can relate. When you have “DCC: Making The Team” (our TV show) being filmed, PLUS the added pressure of wanting to fulfill a lifelong dream and earn your spot on the team, the struggle is real. Being confident in her performing, while learning choreography, took her a little longer than some other dancers. “Blood, sweat and tears is a good representation of that summer”.  The hard work she put into every night at practice rewarded her with two seasons that she’ll cherish forever.
Caila mentioned, “I will never forget standing in that tunnel before my first game as a Rookie, the special appearances (children’s hospitals being her favorite), and the friendships made during her tenure as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader”. Caila left her mark here in the organization; and for those who are returning or auditioning for the first time to earn a pair of white Lucchese boots she would say, “Give it your all”, just as she did. While interviewing Caila she taught me that there is always room to grow -whether it be in your performance skills, gaining confidence, or in public speaking, there will ALWAYS be room to grow.
Over the years, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders sisterhood, has always, and will remain strong and faithful. The community will continue to grow and perhaps one day you might run into one from across the country. We’re all bonded by the special gold pinky ring, but even more so by our passion and love that we all share for the Dallas Cowboys. Thank you Caila for sharing your best memories and advice to all those who dream of representing the star. Sisters forever!
Caila is now working for a Health and Wellness business and teaching dance at her studio that she grew up dancing. She tied the knot and said “I do,” in October of 2020 to the love of her life. Congratulations Caila!
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