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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Brittney Schram

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Brittney Schram

From the cover of the iconic 2015 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders sideline calendar to the moment of unveiling a hidden, wide-toothed comb in her blouse during cameos, Brittney Schram was the epitome of America’s Sweethearts. While in high school, I remember watching her bright smile and contagious personality on TV. I wanted to be just like her and the bubbly persona she portrayed representing herself and the Cowboys brand on the CMT TV series, ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team’.  This encouraged me to become a DCC.

When I gave Brittney a call to speak about her tenure on the team, our FaceTime connected, and it was like I was back in high school watching her on CMT. All those nervous emotions flooded in as I tried to make the best impression, as she always had on me. But very quickly, Brittney made me feel like a sister rather than someone she was first meeting. We discussed the trials of training camp with memorizing mounds of choreography and getting acquainted to the DCC style, to teammates turned best friends and bridesmaids in the locker room of Valley Ranch.

“Selena Gomez!”, she exclaimed when I asked her about her favorite artist to perform with. From meeting Luke Bryan to Blake Shelton, Brittney remembers her time on stage with Selena Gomez for the Thanksgiving halftime to be a standout. Gomez, being Texas raised, was as excited to meet the DCC as they were to meet her and, to Brittney, that made the experience even sweeter.

Traveling all around the world from the Middle East to Asia for USO tours, Brittney spoke so highly of the service men and women and civilians she was able to meet. Not only did the travel build her passport sticker collection, but the sisterhood that was created between her and her teammates grew to lifelong friends. We giggled at how, even years apart, each cheerleader goes through the same experiences and all can relate, no matter the year one was on the team.

Now working in Medical Device sales and pursuing her passion and talent in art, Brittney looks back on her four years with the Cowboys with a smile and lots of laughs. I’m so honored that I was not only able to tell her that I dreamed of being like her in the uniform one day but was fortunate to gain a new DCC sister.

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