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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Mary Dill Krow

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Mary Dill Krow

Mary Dill Krow may originally be from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but she is a true Texas girl at heart. Growing up, she danced at both her studio and as a member of her high school spirit squad, before she moved to Dallas to attend SMU in 2009. During her college years, Mary decided to take a break from dancing to focus on her studies; however, she always felt a draw to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. As a child, Mary fondly recalls her family gathering around the TV to watch the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game and being star struck by the awe-inspiring halftimes featuring the DCC. Mary spent her senior year and the year after she graduated from SMU preparing for the audition, even studying under Kitty Carter, another DCC alum, who is one of her role models and life mentors. Mary’s hard work and dedication paid off, for she made the team her first time auditioning and went on to cheer as a DCC for the 2014 and 2015 seasons, and made Show Group her second year.  Mary says she is forever grateful to Kelli and Judy for giving her the opportunity of a lifetime.

Mary has many favorite memories from DCC, spanning from the delirium and hilarity of late-night rehearsals during Training Camp to the many life-changing opportunities she experienced while representing the Dallas Cowboys on both a national and international scale. While in Oxnard, CA for the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp, Mary remembers tearing up during the Opening Ceremony, overwhelmed as she watched the thousands of fans from around the world gather to cheer on their favorite team. Mary also had the opportunity to travel to Turkey and Kuwait for a USO Tour over Christmas in 2015. Realizing how spectacular this trip abroad would be, Mary kept a journal in which she documented all of her experiences. She says having the chance to personally thank the men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day for America’s freedom is what made the trip a highlight of her DCC career, as she saw first-hand what makes the Dallas Cowboys, above all else, ‘America’s Team.’ Some of Mary’s favorite traditions while on the team include the DCC Campout and the Thanksgiving Day game, when all of DCC gathers in the locker room to share what they are grateful for, as Mary believes gratitude is what truly bonds DCC together. However, no experience compares to the amazing friendships Mary has gained through DCC, friendships that will truly last a lifetime. Mary describes DCC “as more than a job, but an amazing opportunity and great responsibility” in which we all must take great pride.

In her last season, Mary got engaged to her college sweetheart AJ and married him in 2017, with two of her DCC rookie sisters by her side as bridesmaids. In November of 2019, Mary and AJ welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Mariana. While many things have changed since DCC, one constant in her life is having the support of her DCC sisters. Now, however, Mary jokes that instead of asking their advice on dances, she turns to them for advice on motherhood. Mary also choreographs for high school and collegiate pom teams. While she acknowledges the stress and uncertainty associated with Training Camp and filming “DCC: Making the Team,” she looks forward to the day she and her daughter can watch the show together and reminisce about all of her experiences and achievements as a DCC.

Mary’s advice for current and hopeful DCCs is to be grateful for every moment we get to wear the uniform and every opportunity to represent this amazing team. Furthermore, she urges us to give 110% of effort to each and every one of those experiences, from exciting events like performances and games to even our smaller tasks like practices and rehearsals. She lovingly reminds us all to be kind and thoughtful teammates, and to always remember that the women who are a part of the DCC sisterhood care deeply for one another and are truly bonded for life.


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