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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Becky McGee Lee

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Becky McGee Lee

While Becky may have only spent one season as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, there is no doubting that she had a season packed full of amazing experiences and lasting memories. Becky is originally from Tyler, Texas, and made the team in 1975. She was only 20 years old when she successfully balanced all DCC-related commitments with commuting to and from Baylor University in Waco, TX where she was a full-time law student. This alone demonstrates the determination, dedication, and unmatched time management skills that Becky possessed from a young age. A “make it happen” attitude, as she explains, is the key to achieving all things in life. 

Becky became a DCC during a year that turned out to be a great season for the Cowboys. She had the privilege of cheering at the 1976 NFC championship game, watching the Cowboys beat the Los Angeles Rams 37-7 in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. She remembers fans telling her and her teammates how much they admired the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and how they wished their teams had similarly organized cheerleading teams. This NFC victory led the Cowboys to compete in Super Bowl X. Becky recalls that while at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, prior to the game, an event worker informed the DCC that they would be unable to dance on the field. Lucky enough, previous President and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Tex Schramm, was within earshot and was able to intervene. He stated that the cheerleaders belonged on the field and will be present on the sideline during the game… and that is exactly what happened! Becky and her teammates then went on to captivate the eyes of viewers all over the country as they cheered at Super Bowl X. They were a one-of-a-kind team that would help pave the way and help NFL cheerleading evolve into what we know it to be today! 

Becky currently resides in Dallas, Texas where she is a practicing attorney. She is an inspiring, kind, and genuine woman who embodies exactly what this organization was founded upon. She remains thankful for her experiences with the Dallas Cowboys organization and continues to support the teams that have come after her. Despite her many impressive accomplishments throughout her life, she shared that others are most often curious about the time she spent as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. It is a unique and highly regarded accomplishment that a very limited number of women have had the privilege of experiencing. It is evident that Becky McGee Lee is an outstanding DCC alumnus who will forever remain a valuable piece of this organization. 

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