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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Allice Williams Ellenburg

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Allice Williams Ellenburg

Alice Williams Ellenburg was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from 1990-1993 and 1999-2000. Yep, that’s right, she made the team 2 different times. Alice is one of the few women that made the team, left to start her family, then returned to finish out her dream. Alice is one of the most genuine and uplifting people I have ever met. I am beyond grateful that I was able to spend time with her, and I believe we could have continued our conversation for a few hours if we didn’t keep track!

Alice and I were able to connect in more ways than one, she was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, native Texan, and she is currently a teacher. This year has been a tough one for teachers, so our conversation immediately began with ¨How are you holding up?¨, something that all teachers are asking each other these days. Alice gave me an answer that has stuck with me since our conversation, “It has been a tough year, for all of us – the kids and teachers, but I still show up to work feeling like it isn’t actually work. I love what I do each day”.   Such a simple statement, but something that resonates with me in both teaching and DCC. There are few women that share the DCC bond, knowing that it is incredibly hard work, but it is one of the best jobs in the entire world.

Alice and I discussed how we fill our own buckets. As a teacher and a DCC, it is so easy to fill your time with giving to others. She asked me specifically how I gave back to myself and wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting to do so. I told Alice about my journey as a DCC and Teacher, how my rookie year and 1st year teaching were happening simultaneously. Although shocked, I talked about the importance that both have played in my life. When I have a stressful day at school, I come to DCC and get my bucket filled and vice versa. We bonded over knowing how special our time was at practice, with our teammates, and at the games.

When I asked Alice what her best advice would be as I go into my last round of auditions, she said “Be confident in who you are and remember your purpose; not just your purpose on DCC, but your purpose on this earth. We are here to give to others and serve those around us, and that is something to hold on to as we go through life”. I plan to keep this legacy going, and to share Alice’s wisdom with those around me.

DCC Taylor

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