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Black History Month 2022 – Letter to My Younger Self – DCC Ashlee

Black History Month 2022 – Letter to My Younger Self – DCC Ashlee

Dear Ashlee,

Who knew that your natural tendency to lead the group out for dance battles at recess, talent shows, and all things entertainment would be the first chapter?

Who knew that you would be who I think about whenever I start to doubt myself and my abilities? Three year old Ashlee loved to be with the big kids, praise dancing down the Baptist church aisles, with so much conviction. Who knew that the same three year old would make the choice to confess Christ and be baptized? You always knew what you wanted, you always led the way.

Who knew that your love for learning would place you in gifted classes with very few other girls that looked like you? Who knew that your passion to succeed would be so deep that any grade lower than an “A“ was not acceptable– no, not you.

Who knew that you, young girl, would be a role model and inspiration for future young girls… to dream bigger than the moon and the stars. Deep down, you always knew you had it in you to be the first of many things– the most memorable, becoming the First African American Captain of your collegiate dance team.Who knew that you would make history?

You believed in you so much, you believed in God even more. Who knew that others would share your faith?
“Your biggest battle is going to be choosing what avenue you want to pursue.” You never knew what this advice would mean, but now you see: The world is yours, with no limits AND plenty of dreams to chase.

To my younger self– you are my greatest treasure, my biggest critic and the bearer of my fondest memories. ​Who knew…


DCC Ashlee

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