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DCC Alumni Spotlight – Maya Hayes

DCC Alumni Spotlight – Maya Hayes

I had the privilege and honor of speaking with DCC alumni, Maya Hayes! What an incredible opportunity to connect with a past sister that helped create what the DCC is today. Maya is originally from Mississippi and cheered as a DCC for two years in 2002 and 2003. Prior to her DCC career, she was a Chicago Bulls Dancer and was actually on the team during Michael Jordan’s last season! Maya’s audition experience was unlike most, as she did not even realize what she was auditioning for. At the time, she was a part of a modeling agency, and the agency informed her about a “dance audition” in a mall in Mississippi. She made it through prelims and semi-finals. Once the top candidates were announced, Maya was originally not one of the 5 they chose to fly to Texas for the finals. Our DCC Operations Specialist, Dan, was actually the one that approached her after the selections had been made and asked her to come to Finals as the 6th candidate, if she could find her own transportation. She immediately packed her bags and drove to Texas!

Maya was a member of show group and had the opportunity to go on a USO tour. The tour was memorable not just for the experience of supporting the troops, but also because her cousins were in the military and they were able to see her on the tour! She expressed how this memory was one of her favorites during her time as a DCC, and she actually still keeps in touch with some of the soldiers she met. While discussing favorite DCC traditions, for Maya, “sexy hips” and the “DCC strut” were first to come to mind. She loves how, no matter what year you cheered as a DCC, you know how to strut like a DCC. Her all-time favorite DCC dance is “Simply Irresistible”, which I’m pretty sure we still do!

Maya is currently living in the Dallas area and is as busy as can be! She runs a dance company, 2 dance studios (1 in Mississippi and 1 in Dallas), and is in the process of opening a 3rd studio in Africa. She is also working on a new invention AND a dance and fitness clothing line. It was an absolute pleasure sharing stories with Maya, and we plan to go to lunch soon!


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